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Find fun things to do as a team in New York

These team-building Experiences are available for private groups

Create camaraderie
Help your teams get to know each other by celebrating in a different setting.
Cheer on wins
Honor great work by getting out and doing something fun.
Inspire new thinking
Choose from diverse, immersive activities led by local Hosts.

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Stati Uniti
In posa a Central Park
Stati Uniti
Passeggiata a Brooklyn con pizza
Stati Uniti
Tour artistico a Brooklyn con vista su città e sapori locali

Trade the office for outside

Stati Uniti
Gli ebrei ortodossi di New York
Stati Uniti
Rivivi l'epoca della legge cinese sull'esclusione
Stati Uniti
Passeggia nella New York afroamericana

Eat, cook, and sip as a group

Stati Uniti
Entra nel mondo del caffè turco
Stati Uniti
Tour dei sandwich di New York
Stati Uniti
Scopri il miglior quartiere gastronomico di New York

Get creative together

Stati Uniti
Laboratorio di graffiti
Stati Uniti
Una serata di composizioni floreali
Stati Uniti
Le gallerie d'arte più raffinate di Chelsea

Plan a team happy hour and social

Stati Uniti
Ascolta il jazz ad Harlem
Stati Uniti
Tour in barca a vela di New York con Brooklyn Sail
Stati Uniti
Cucina e cocktail portoricani

Fun for them, made easy for you

Plan activities with ease
Select a date and time that works for you, reach out with any special requests, and add your team right to the booking.
Enjoy peace of mind
Hosts are committed and attested to Airbnb’s COVID-19 safety guidelines.
Gift something meaningful
Cheer on individual employees with a gift card that lets them book something fun for their time off.

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