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Fellow explorer, here! I am an artist, yoga instructor, adventure seeker, and peace maker who loves to meet other travellers. I love welcoming new folks into my home and share the city I fell i... scopri di più
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Huge park. My favourite get away in the city. Often live music, drum circles, tight-lining, dog walking, yoga.. Go for a nice walk!

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It is an art museum in Toronto. Its collection includes more than 80,000 works spanning the first century to the present day. The gallery has 45,000 square metres (480,000 sq ft) of physical space,... scopri di più

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New to Toronto. Can be a bit crowded on weekends, but it is totally worth it and the price. So many aquatic animals to see, you can even pet the horseshoe crab! Also a moving walking ramp under... scopri di più

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The best and biggest market in Toronto! Indoor market with many bakers, butchers & artisans. Lots of fresh produce, meat & fish on weekends. North / Farmer's Market: Sat 5am to 3pm. South Market:... scopri di più

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What was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world, is now 3rd tallest in the world! You can either see it from afar, or walk right up to the base of it. There are some observatory floor... scopri di più

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Rogers Centre (originally known as SkyDome) is a multi-purpose stadium in downtown Toronto.It is home to the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball.

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Total hippy spot that is always bustling with rad Torontonians. Tons of great shops (lots of great vintage clothing, crystals, incense & jewelry), lot's of great food spots (fruit/veggie stands, ... scopri di più

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Toronto's answer to Times Square, Dundas Square hosts hundreds of concerts, fairs, promotions and a variety of other events annually. The Square is well situated at the city's busiest intersection.

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Great spot to grab a beer before a Jays game at the Rogers Centre!

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Beautiful live Theatre hall. I love to take my mom here.

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Pub-like Japanese restaurant with amazing food and saki. They all shout greetings throughout the night with huge smiles.

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Fashion district! So many shops!

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The big TORONTO sign is there! Big pond and sculptures... great for photos.

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Beautiful, large indoor garden. So peaceful. And a dog park right beside.

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Great pub food, cozy atmosphere, 5 minute walk away!

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Cozy movie theatre, 7 minute walk away!

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You eat totally in the dark! Such a cool experience.

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Awesome drag shows. Great space and music for dancing!

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2 minute walk away. Huge grocery store with great selection of fresh food with bakery, butcher, cheese stand and fresh fruit and veggies. Pharmacy and walk in clinic inside. There is also an LCB... scopri di più

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Most amazing breakfast!

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Can drop off the bikes at any other Bike Share station throughout the city. Download the app for easy access. Only takes credit cards.

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$5 2oz martini Wednesdays are my favourite!

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$3.25 one way, no matter the distance. You can also get day passes if you are getting off and on more than a few times that day. Pick up a transfer ticket (red machines right after the turn styles)... scopri di più


Dollar Rent a Car

140 Carlton St·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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2 minute walk East!



$$· 120 Church St·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Great dancy spot for Queer and all types of folk alike. Also hosts great comedy shows and other fun parties.