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The Drake Hotel

$$$$· 1150 Queen Street West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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If you are looking for a night Club this is a fun place to go... There is a bunch of other ones in the area as well. If you walk down the street after 10:30pm you will have your pick of places to go.

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Great place for a morning run, hanging out with friends, people watching, tennis, baseball, kids zone, and so much more. This is busy park on weekends.

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Great local beer and snack food.

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Some say the best Pizza in Toronto... I think its number 2 behind Terroni's. But still really good. There Chill sauce is awesome.



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$$· 720 Queen Street West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Best Pizza in the City... well one at least in the top three. Everyone in Toronto fights over who has the best pizza... Terroni, Libretto or Queen Margherita. The other two are walking distance.

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24 hour Breakfast... enough said

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Small hipster bar. Great snack food and always busy.

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I go here 4 days a week. It's the most popular vegetarian restaurant in Toronto. Great for Juicing as well. Try the hot sauce if you like spicy food.



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$$$· 72 Ossington Avenue·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Local Cooking... and great vibe.

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If you need your coffee fix... Also ask about the name and then see if you can find the White Squirrel.

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Need to try "Chicken for Two"... They'll have you eating off the table. I take friends here all the time and they always want to go back. Restaurant super small so call a head.

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Cute little coffee shop with great coffee.

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Hipster bar... Lots of them on Ossington and fun to check out.

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Again a fun Night Club and Pub.

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Amazing BBQ Food. Ribs are awesome... even the Brussels sprouts are delicious.

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For all you meat lovers... this is an interesting one to try. Smaller food sizes though.

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Also said to be the best Pizza Place in Toronto... I have only been once but it was really good.

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For your Coffee fix



$$· 732 Queen St W·Mappa·Sito web·

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Starbucks... Coffee.