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I live in Toronto with my husband Zaheed, my small friendly dog Charlie and we are expecting our first child this summer. I teach Visual Art at an arts middle school and Zaheed is a documentary fi... scopri di più
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Here you will find public tennis courts, a hockey rink, running trails, baseball diamonds, playgrounds, dog parks and lots of space to relax. Great people watching on the weekends!

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Local beer brewed on site with an amazing patio and great sharing food (IG: @bellwoodsbeer)

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Authentic Neapolitan pizza in a fun, lively atmosphere (IG: @pizzalibretto)

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Spanish-influenced tapas, creative sharing plates & craft beers in a cozy space with an old-world vibe (

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Chef-owned, bright & modern French patisserie for pastries, croissants, macarons & chocolate - has great sandwiches too (IG: @nadegetoronto)

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Great vegetarian/vegan/healthy meals and smoothies, cold-pressed juices with a big patio - breakfast/lunch/dinner (IG: @freshrestaurants)

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Farm to table, inspired by the classic Paris bistro (IG: @union_restaurant)

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Sweet & savoury brunch, plus sandwiches & salads for lunch, in a simple, quirky space - weekends bring long lines, so get there early! (IG: @savinggraceto)

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Ice cream sandwiches on housemade cookies! Always a line up - go early! (

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Vintage decor, good selection of craft beer, arcade games with North of Brooklyn pizza. (IG: @getwellbar)

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Our favourite cafe, just one block away across the street - good coffee and baked treats but only a couple seats if you want to stay a while (IG: @ellas.uncle)

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Great cafe with excellent coffee and lots of seating including a back patio for warm days (IG: @craftedcoffee)

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Our local spot has a vintage feel serving coffee by day & cocktails, charcuterie, cheese & more by night. (IG: @northernbelleto)

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Old school Cuban luncheonette with a casual vibe (IG: @lacubana_to)

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Trendy designer store for men’s/women’s clothing, footwear, accessories and bags (IG: @jonathanolivia)

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High-end 3-floor boutique for modern footwear, clothing & accessories for men & women (IG: @gravitypope_shop)

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800 metres away from us, about a 10 minute walk, and open 24 hours.

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Open 24 hours