Migliore Cinema e teatri di Toronto

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Movie goers and film addicts can get their flicker fix just blocks away! Class A Theatre Amenities: 1 IMAX Screen(s); 1 DBOX Screen(s); 6 Real D 3D Screen(s); 1 UltraAVX Screen(s); 14 Screen(s).

Standard movie theatre - if you feel like getting some good ol' Hollywood films in.

If you have the choice between seeing a movie here or at Dundas Square please choose this theatre. Its much better run and for some reason guests at this theatre behave much better. Try the gourmet... scopri di più

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I'm so grateful to live close to a theatre dedicated to documentaries! It's particularly fun during the Hot Docs festival annually end of April, but they run other doc festivals throughout the year.

Charming theatre serving up nostalgia, snacks, beer, and excellent films, both documentaries and independant. Home of the annual Hot Docs Film Festival every spring, they also screen 3 films/day al... scopri di più

If you are a lover of documentary films, you will adore this newly renovated theatre. The Bloor offers a list of award winning docs which is refreshed every two weeks. You'll also appreciate the wa... scopri di più

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The nearest movie theatre to me is located in the Manulife Centre at Bloor and Bay. Very convenient by subway or car. Underground parking.

Five minutes walking distance away from the condo. In the cold winter, you can walk there through Bloor Yorkvill underground shopping street.

Escape with Cineplex Odeon Varsity & VIP Cinemas. A five minute walk to the west along Bloor Street.

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The Revue is 102 years old—the oldest continuously operating cinema in Canada. Possibly the only community owned and operated one as well. Great rep program. Reasonably priced admission.

Built between late-1911 and early-1912, it is a designated 'heritage' site and is Toronto's oldest standing movie theatre in use for showing movies. Not for profit, community-run.

Over a 100 years old, Revue Cinema is a designated heritage site. They often show old classics that you obviously wouldn't be able to see in mainstream cinemas. For instance, they recently aired Fe... scopri di più

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Movie theatre in Yonge-Dundas Square (junior Times Square!)

Modern multiplex cinema chain screening the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases.

At the heart of Yonge-Dundas Square, this cinema has new Hollywood releases, world cinema and lots of options for eating closeby.

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The theatre was opened in 1914. In 1937 the name of the theatre was changed to The Fox, and the name has stuck for 70 years. The Fox has remains a mainstay of the Beach Community for nearly a century

Great old fashioned movie theatre; popcorn with real butter, velvet seats, big screen. The Silent Film Festival has many showings, and recent movies come after their major release for a discount.

In April 1914 this theatre opened up on Queen St. While ownership of the theatre has changed several times, The Fox has remained a mainstay of the Beach Community for nearly a century, making it t... scopri di più

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Artsy Theater with Hollywood Movies

Small cinema with select showings.

A local community movie theatre. Low key and away from the crowds. A nice hideaway only locals know about ;) On a budget but want to see the latest movies? This small movie theatre will be the tick... scopri di più

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If u wanna catch an artsy or foreign film, this is the best spot. This is 1 of my favourite cinemas. Only $9 and $5 on Tueeday.

It is a local cinema that is inexpensive and plays great movies (old and new). They even have a bar!

Sometimes feature obscure or hard to find movies...

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Nearby movie theatre. Accessible via streetcar or car. Reasonably priced parking across the street.

One of two movie theatres nearby in the east end. This one has multiple screens. The other is a revue cinema in the Beach called The Fox.

The Fox Beach independent movie theatre Sand Castle indie theatre in Leslieville Beach tour by Gene

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15 minute walk from my house and two minute subway ride. *Tip: spend $20 or more at Cineplex, the Metro grocery store, or other various stores in the Yonge and Eglinton centre and get free verifie... scopri di più

Modern Cinema with the most current films only steps away. They don't like you bringing in your own food and drinks so be sly when you smuggle them in.

You can cath the latest Movies here. It's only 1 subway station and away and an Easy 12 Minutes walk away

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Cool old repertory cinema that has a lot of special screenings like Kung-Fu Fridays and Neon Dream Cinema Club ('80s films), on top of your regular well-curated rep stuff.

Old cinema, only shows classics (and occasionally one or two films that came out a couple of months ago). Usually only two screenings per day. They'll also make a big deal out of each event, usuall... scopri di più

Awesome little classic style cinema. Check out the marquee to see what's playing! You can see it from our bedroom windows!

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Great movie theatre. Half priced movies on Tuesdays.

If you want to catch a movie and have some great food. Queensway Cinemas can offer you both

Great movie theater that has a VIP area where you can enjoy drinks & dinner delivered to your seat.

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If you are on the mood for a movie

Walking distance to all new movies!

Watch the latest movies in IMAX

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Cinelex odeon movie theatre, Restaurants/ Bars/ Cafes. Many stores Including Roots outlet, Danier Leather, Old Navy, Walmart, Shoe Company, Canadian tire, Furtureshop etc.

With Canadian tire, Cineplex Odeon, Danier Leather, Sushi, Imperial Buffet etc.

Eglinton Square is conveniently located at the corner of Victoria Park and Eglinton Avenue in Scarborough and is home to over 75 stores, including Hudson's Bay, Metro, Shoppers Drug Mart and Dollar... scopri di più

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Movie Theatre + restaurants and shopping

A local megaplex movie theatre- lots of new releases here

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A movie theater within walking distance. Great for a summer evening stroll through a great village. Make a date night out of it with dinner at a restaurant and some ice cream from a local parlour. YUM

Humber Cinemas is an independent movie theatre located in the heart of Bloor West Village on the North-West corner of the Bloor and Jane intersection.

Small location with only 4 screens inside but if you don't want to go far to catch a movie this place is great. Its an older theatre so not comparable to a corporate chain.

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This theater is priced a bit higher than most ($20+ per movie depending on options). Having said that, it has massive comfortable chairs, lots of leg room, in seat service before the movie starts (... scopri di più

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This is movie theatre/party venue/art gallery its unbelievable gem in my city where i personally hosted a couple art shows and underground parties.If you need a tour or want to find out what is hap... scopri di più

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Modern multiplex cinema chain screening the latest Hollywood films, plus new independent releases.

Newly opened Markham Cineplex and VIP. Lots of restaurants around too for a great time out in Downtown Markham!

Offers VIP seating! Comfortable recliners, a more premium way to watch new movies

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Cozy, vintage cinema with affordable prices and without big crowds

Blockbuster out of the ring at cheap price.

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Local theater. Half-price on Tuesdays.

Cineplex is the local movie theatre and you can go shopping before or after in the Scarborough Town Centre.

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Movies, movies, movies! Tuesday half price for all movies!

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Let's face it! We have a huge theatre at home, but sometimes you still need to get that excitement of going to the movies. Cineplex Theatres are around the corner.