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The best craft beer spot in the city. Always something new, tasty, and inventive. Awesome salumi and cheese boards. If the smell of the french fries sprinkled with rosemary wafts by your table and ... scopri di più

This brewpub is an inviting spot that highlights a patio in warmer weather, and casual indoor seating complete with a second floor mezzanine with great views of the brewhouse. They feature a rotati... scopri di più

Hands down my favourite beer in Toronto - they have a great patio on trendy Ossington Ave. - all the beer is fantastic, the food is great and they also have a bottle shop to take something you like... scopri di più

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Liquor store with a very respectable selection of wines, spirits and beer. Can get very crowded in the evenings on weekends - I would recommend going during the day.

This is the grocery store for beer, wine and spirits. Unlike most other countries, you cannot buy alcohol anywhere else.

Where to go to get wine, beer and spirits. Short walk down the street from the condo at King and Spadina. Canada has some pretty socialist laws regarding the sale of alcohol. Hours listed below. ... scopri di più

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Steam whistle brewery is set in an old school CN Rail roundhouse and offers tours of the brewing facility and a history of the company. A great thing to add onto a list of things to do in the area.

Brewed at The Roundhouse, home of the steam locomotives that helped pioneer our nation, Steam Whistle brings you this authentically crafted pilsner.

Take a tour of Steam Whistle Breweries, steps from the condo. This is the "roundhouse" - a train museum, now home to one of Toronto's local breweries.

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Enjoy local freshly brewed beers from their spacious seasonla patio overlooking lake ontario and the island airport

Enjoy a bite or sample some craft beer at this well-known brew pub, and don't forget to check out their on-site store for a few liquid souvenirs.

14,000-sq.-ft. lakeside brewery, restaurant & retail space that pairs craft beer with local foods

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Stock up on wine, beer or spirits at this convenient outpost of Ontario's government run liquor store.

Conveniently located liquor store in the same building as the Longo's.

This is where we buy alcohol, beer, and liquor in Ontario.

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Your neighborhood booze store....

Store for wine, spirits and beer.

Liquor store in 3 minute drive. It's right next to the Metro supermarket.

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One of our favorite spots in The Junction. This brewpub has all kinds of delicious beverages, all brewed on site. Also has a great burger.

It is in the Junction which is a bit far away but it is a great place for food and designer beer at reasonable prices. Take the King car to Dundas West Station and then the Junction 40 bus to Keele.

This place is one of my favorites - it has great craft beers, all brewed in house, and delicious upscale pub food. My favorite: the Aubergine sandwich with the kale caesar salad. If you're not a... scopri di più

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Here you'll find a large and varied selection of beers, liquor, and wine when you're on the go.

Closest liquor store, carries wine, beer, and hard liquor. The vintage section has a decent collection of wine.

Your liquor, wine and beer needs are met here.

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Tiny bar in the Junction Neighbourhood. About 7 feel wide be prepared to shimmy down the bar in order to get a seat!

It is an amazing little pub with great food and entertainment. I know the owner and he lives in the neighbourhood as well. Great selection of beers.

Great atmosphere, incredible drinks selection. Tell the owner, Ben, that Mike and Lindsay send you!

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This small comedy bar hosts stand ups mainly for local talent but also hosts improv nights where audience members get on stage and join in on the fun!

Like to laugh - this is your place. Stand-up comedy, improv, etc. I saw Danny Bhoy here - 2nd row.

This is a comedy lovers venue. It's a bit divey, and the acts are more hit than miss. But it attracts all the big names in stand up and improv without all the tourists. Arrive early for good seats.

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Beer, Wine and Liquor a 5 minute walk away!

If you want an extensive selection of wine, beers and spirits this is the closest store. Great wines specially.

You can stop by and pickup ingredients for your favourite cocktail or some wine for dinner.

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All booze at one of the closet depots.

The closest liquor store to our location - keep in mind it gets VERY busy on Fridays and Saturdays after 6PM.

Where Canadians purchase liquor for in-home consumption.

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Eat gyros and listen to amazing concerts.

Old music hall playing live interactive shows

Great concerts and shows, and a ten minute walk from the house.

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A bar that hosts an awesome story telling show (truestoriestoronto.com) once a month!

One of Toronto's best music venues, in the achingly hip Dundas and Ossington area.

Huge dancefloor, two bars. They occasionally do a 'Chronologic' event where they place music from baroque period 'hits' leading up to today's top hits.

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Just steps away to this great little craft beer house. Garage door opens to allow patio atmosphere. Burgers are phenomenal, and the rest of the menu isn't bad either!

Cozy alehouse specializing in local craft beers, plus pub food with a twist (burgers with kimchi).

We're biased because it's right around the corner. But we'd put this bar's food and drink up against any in the city. The beer menu is long and excellent, and the burgers are huge and delicious. Tr... scopri di più

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This is the place that, on any given night, features the best up and coming bands around. An old, proper concert hall - and nothing more. Gritty and brilliant.

A former vaudeville theater from the early 1900s, now hosting concerts, comedy & special events

While you're there to see a world-class opera or a ballet with the National Ballet of Canada (whose orchestra features David as principle bass trombone) enjoy the beautiful glassed in building with... scopri di più

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This is the only place to buy alcohol except bars, since in Toronto alcohol is not sold at convenience stores. Bring your ID! Also, mind their hours, because they are not always open late.

Hey - your beer, wine and spirits needs are met a mere 7 minutes away on foot! Huge selection, amazing range of beer. It's a booze supermarket basically.

This us a branch of the government run Liquor Store. You can only get spirits and wine from these government run outlets. They also have a good selection of beers.

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Super popular live music venue featuring lots of big names.

There are usually interesting bands or events happening at the Mod Club, including the annual Toronto Burlesque show which should not be missed.

Live music, 1 mins from my place - consider booking for a show here before you arrive.

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Another amazing, scrappy venue to watch a live band in TO. This place has history and is a classic rock n roll bar. There are a thousand restaurants nearby if you need to eat. It's a student zone.

Lee's Palace is a cartoonish rough diamond of a concert venue. The bands booked tend to lean towards the indie/alt-rock side of the musical spectrum and cover generally runs from $5 to $15.

Hands down one of the best places to see live music. It's intimate, affordable and friendly. An icon of the Toronto live music scene. Hit the Dance Cave upstairs to cut a rug and drink cheaply in u... scopri di più

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Two within walking distance. Wine, spirits & Beer. Do I need to say more. Open 7 days a week.

Also at Yong Eglinton Centre, 2300 Yonge.

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Lots of selection, easily accessible by street car

Liquor store. Wine, spirits, beer. (Canada has a tendency to choose incredibly literal names when it comes to alcohol)

Much larger location if you are the Danforth already or would like more variety than the one on Gerrard!

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The flagship store in the old Summerhill train station. Huge selection of wines, beer and spirits. Regular tastings and helpful staff.

This is your nearest liquor store. It's huge and has everything you could want. The Beer store is across the street. It's 30 mins on foot or 5 mins in the car. Parking is available

Toronto's flagship liquor store. Situated in a beautiful former train station in one of Toronto's poshest neighbourhoods. Huge selection of wines.

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Need a drink? The liquor store is a good 30 min walk or an 8 min walk from Victoria Subway station. If you're not looking to be social or just want to hang out at home on a budget - this is THE p... scopri di più

Buy your wine, beer and liquor here. Very convenient location around the corner from unit.

Large and modern liquor, wine & beer store close by.

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Our closest store to purchase alcoholic beverages.

In Ontario, this is where you buy your booze!

You can only get the best Canadian Whiskey at one place and this is it.

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Small wine store selling only Ontario wines. Doesn't have the best selection but is the closest.

Wine retailer open til 11 pm, or 6 pm on Sunday.

Closest wine store - featuring all Canadian wines and blends. Open until 11pm.

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Wine, beer, vodka, cider, whisky, rum. All your liquor needs can be found here!

The Liquor Control Board of Ontario is a non-share capital provincial Crown corporation in Ontario, Canada. It is accountable to the Ministry of Finance.

Beer, Wine, Liquor! It is located in the basement level of College Park retail complex.

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Liquor store for wine, beer and spirits

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The Danforth Music Hall is quickly becoming one of Toronto's best venues for live music.

A historic music venue originally opened in 1919. Lots of great shows here nowadays, performers from Justin Bieber to Lee Scratch Perry have graced the stage in the past couple of years.

This popular concert venue is a staple on the Toronto music scene. Check out www.thedanforth.com for upcoming shows.

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A 1 minute walk to all the beer and alcohol you could ever want!

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If you're not from Canada, you'll need to know you have to go to this special store to get Spirits or out of province wine. 6 minute drive

New, huge, vintages, Liquor store. Has pretty much everything including a large vintages section.

Wine/beer/alcohol shop a 12 minute walk.