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Cose da fare a Toronto

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Best park in the city! Ponds, rivers, waterfalls, gardens, wildlife, birds, trails, hiking, biking, outdoor cafe, food trucks, ice cream, small zoo, and much more. It's free to access the park. "Sh... scopri di più

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Biggest and best museum in Canada. Amazing regular exhibits and special exhibits. A must for any history buff.

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Best and biggest art gallery in Canada, hands down. Look for the special nights where they have live music, food, drinks and dancing. Great night out to be social and arty!

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The go-to tourist attraction of Toronto. Avoid weekend and holidays unless you are okay with waiting in long lines. The restaurant is actually quite good and once you factor in the price of entry t... scopri di più

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Authentic hippie/counter culture 'hood with great local food, shops and bars. Try to get there for the "Pedestrian Sunday" event that happens once a month (check online for exact dates) to see band... scopri di più

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Best tacos in Toronto - perhaps the world. Try the guac and chips, followed by fish tacos and whatever sounds good to you; it's all excellent. This place is small, attracts a young & hip crowd, has... scopri di più

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Local brewery with a great patio and amazing beers (if you like hops!). Cruise the whole "Ossington Strip" for more amazing restaurants, shops and bars. Everything is super cool on Oss!

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Take a ferry out to the islands for some of the best city views and hours of beautiful walks and parklands. Restaurants, bike rentals, beaches, a large pier, a neat old cottage neighborhood and mak... scopri di più

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Meat, meat and more meat! Amazing BBQ ribs, chicken, wings, brisket, sausage and sides (veggies included). Go for the Sunday family meal if you are really hungry and want to try it all.

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Iconic local music venue known for hosting some of the coolest bands in the world.

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Infamous Toronto indie/hipster music venue and some great food on the main floor. Lots of other bars in the area if the band doesn't meet your musical tastes, you are sure to find one close by!

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Best coffee, espresso and americanos in the city! Excellent home made fresh-baked muffins and pastries.

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Look out the huge patio, past palm trees and outdoor umbrellas to the beautiful beach and lake Ontario views! Great place to stop for lunch or dinner. Food is good pub quality, but you mostly come ... scopri di più

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Classic polish family dinner for authentic pierogi's, sausage and much more. Atmosphere not as inviting as other restaurants, but well-worth the visit for the food and price. Toronto staple.

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Beautiful beach, boardwalk, waterfront restaurant with large patio, public pool, swimming, paddle-board and canoe/kayak rentals, paved bike bath, sun-tan, etc! Easy access over the footbridge where... scopri di più