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I'm from Toronto, where I make a living in the television industry. I love to travel, and experience each city like a local. My hope is that when people stay at my place, it feels like a home away ... scopri di più
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A huge, beautiful park with tons of walking trails, and even a zoo! Easy to get to on the TTC - just hop on the westbound King streetcar and stay on until after it turns up Roncesvalles and gets to... scopri di più

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One of the largest galleries in North America. Amazing collection of Canadian and International art and frequent special exhibits, housed in a breathtaking building, recently redesigned by Frank Ghery

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I haven't visited yet, but this place is supposed to be great, and it's walking distance from the apartment. Avoid long lines by purchasing tickets online in advance.

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About a 20min walk from the apartment, but worth it. Dating back to the 1800's! Over 120 vendors offering everything from fresh local produce, to hand made sausages, to fresh pasta. A great place t... scopri di più

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You can't come to Toronto and not check out the CN Tower. Try the EdgeWalk if you dare... (

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Jays games are only a 10 minute walk away!

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One of Toronto's most vibrant and unique neighbourhoods! A great place to spend an afternoon - cool vintage shops, fun restaurants, and a vibe unlike any other part of the city.

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If you dig cobblestone streets, 1800's era buildings, unique specialty shops and art galleries, you'll love this neighbourhood. A great place to wander and shop, with some wonderful restaurants and... scopri di più

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Shopping mecca - if malls are your thing, then this is the place to go (if they're not, then avoid this at all costs). Pretty much anything you need, you can find it here - including crowds.

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Good food, a great patio, and house wine on tap for $1/oz! It gets crowded, and they don't take reservations, so it's not a bad idea to stake out a spot early.

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Home of the Toronto International Film Festival, the Lightbox houses a cinema with curated arthouse and international offerings, frequent film-themed exhibitions, and a couple of great restaurants.

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Raptors in the summer, Leafs in the winter! Need I say more?

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Liquor store with a very respectable selection of wines, spirits and beer. Can get very crowded in the evenings on weekends - I would recommend going during the day.

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Authentic restaurants, very cheap produce markets, and great hustle and bustle. A great place to get your Dim Sum on (see Rol San Restaurant) before heading over to Kensington Market.

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This place serves the best Thai food in the city, and it's right on your doorstep! Very reasonably priced, and so, so delicious. It's always busy, and they don't take reservations, so expect to wai... scopri di più

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A shockingly vast selection of sausages and beer in a very social (sometimes rowdy) atmosphere. This place is a good time.

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Large multiplex theatre that has all of the latest blockbusters.

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This gem offers some of the best Italian food in the city, and a great wine list. I highly recommend the fungi pizza.

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A great place for everything from a classy brunch to a fine French dinner. The menu and decor are as genuinely Parisian as you can get in Toronto. Delicieux!

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By far the best burger in Toronto. Even the veggie option is delicious (a portobello mushroom cap stuffed with cheese, breaded and deep fried). Usually a line-up, but it's worth the wait. And there... scopri di più

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One of the oldest live music venues in the city, everyone from The Talking Heads and The Police to The Strokes and Arcade Fire. Even the Rolling Stones! Most nights you can catch great local bands.

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Just downstairs - so convenient!

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Great relaxed atmosphere, a huge beer list and good food options. And the best part - it's 30 seconds from the apartment. What more do you need in your local?

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Amazing hand-made chocolates, truffles, gelato and cookies. These make great souvenirs. Recently won World's Best Dark Chocolate in the International Chocolate Awards (which is really a thing!)

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An old fashioned pub in a turn-of-the-previous-century home that's still divided into several rooms on the inside. In warmer months, they open their great patio, which overlooks a park. Nice place ... scopri di più

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The place to go if you want a quick, filling, affordable brunch. Not fancy, but quite tasty! There's always a line-up on weekends, but you'll find that it moves pretty fast.

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Very yummy, Instagram-worthy ice cream creations. Even if you're not a selfie person, it's difficult not to pull out your camera in this place. There's always a line-up, but I'd say it's worth it.

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This is the place to go for deliciously authentic dim sum that's easy on the wallet. It's not fancy, but you'll leave satisfied. Expect a short wait and big crowds on weekends - this place is popular.

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A wonderful day trip! Take the ferry over to the island and escape the city. Easy to get to from the apartment - just hop on the southbound Spadina streetcar and get off at the Jack Layton Ferry Te... scopri di più

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The newest offering from Iron Chef Susur Lee, in the bottom of the Soho Metropolitan Hotel, this is a great place to splurge. Gourmet Asian fare, with a delicious selection of dim sum. The beef ten... scopri di più