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I am a freelance musician and artist who travels a lot for my work. I love good food, music, and great vintage shopping (all of which can be found in Toronto!). Since I am a frequent traveller,... scopri di più
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High Park is Toronto's largest green space and it is a 25 minute walk or short subway ride away. The park boasts gorgeous gardens, a petting zoo, large playground with a large wooden medieval cast... scopri di più

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Very, very delicious beer.

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Liquor store

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The best carrot cake I've ever had is from here! They have homemade ice cream, pies, tarts, cookies and more.

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Good coffee shop with very good sit down brunch on the weekend. Closest spot to our place!

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Meander down Roncesvalles for unique, local shopping and dining.

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Donuts!! The BEST Vegan Bakery and Meals to go!

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Artisan Coffee Roasters! It is an amazing space in an unsuspecting area that serves the perfect pour over. Propeller offers cold, nitrogen-forced coffee on tap! An absolute must stop for anyone l... scopri di più

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Fresh, made to order seafood and fish. Walk in, pick your fish, sit and eat. Or, take it to cook at home. Love this place!

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A brewery and tasting room you can see from our house! This brewery specializes in Belgium-style and Tart beers. The best thing is that it is a 3 minute walk away! Grab and Go available.

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Friendly place with good food to stay or go. Try the Indian options! A west facing patio is a nice spot to enjoy the good cocktails and beer in the evening.

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Drug store

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Another quick walk away, Campbell Park offers a large soccer field, wading pool, playground and sandbox. Browse the "Really, Really Free Market" on the first Saturday of every month, or join other... scopri di più

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Gotta do that laundry. Grab change from the corner store at the front and do laundry at the side on Perth.

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A short walk from your apartment, Perth Sq. Park is a great place to relax on a hot afternoon with the kids. It has a large playground, sandbox, splash pad and large trees for ample shade.