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Cose da fare a Toronto

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One of the most beautiful spots in the city. Great for a job, nature walk, or just to chill.

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The ROM always has some sort of cool exhibit to check out. You'll know you're at the right place when you see the Michael Lee-Chin crystal.

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Canadian and European arts and exhibits. AGO First Thursdays (the first thursday of every month), the party starts when the museum closes.

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Are you into sharks and other exotic fish like I am? You definitely have to check out Ripley's then! Top Tip: On Tuesdays after 5pm, admission is discounted.

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Awesome open market. If you're a cooking foodie, you definitely have to check it out.

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Toronto's tallest freestanding tower and Toronto's most recognizable building.

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Formerly the SkyDome. Where the Toronto Blue Jays and Argonauts play. Also a venue for massive concerts.

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If you're looking to go spend a day at the park, maybe play on the outdoor tennis courts, or want to see a lot of dogs, this is the place to go.

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Toronto's very own micro brewery. They also have good food!

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This is the heart of the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). Be sure to check it out, along with the King West afterparties.

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Home of the Raptors, Maple Leafs, Rock and Toronto's premier concert venue. Try StubHub or Kijiji for event tickets if you're buying last minute tickets, as the scalpers will try take your shirt.

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This is the grocery store for beer, wine and spirits. Unlike most other countries, you cannot buy alcohol anywhere else.

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One of Toronto's most famous breweries. Locals usually take the tour, then head off to the Blue Jays game. You can also buy beer here.

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The University of Toronto - St. George campus. One of the best schools in the world.

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This is usually where are the large trade shows are held, like the Canadian International Auto Show.

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The Hall of Fame for Canada's official winter sport! Definitely recommended!

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I love this place! Bench seating and go-up-to-order give it a cool atmosphere. So many different types of sausages to try as well! I recommend trying the game meats with duck fat fries.

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Enough roller coasters to make a seasoned pro nervous. Always a great time, with fireworks on Canada Day.

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Most orchestral-based music acts (ex: The Toronto Symphony Orchestra) perform here. Pro tip: if you are a student, look into getting a TSOundcheck membership for super cheap tickets!

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Most of the Mirvish shows are held here.

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Looking for classic rustic Italian food? This is the spot.

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A pretty close spot to pick up a growler of beer. The deposit is a little high, though.

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So I haven't been here for dinner, but if it's anything like the brunch, it's worth a shot. Get the sausage.

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The name says it all. Tons of beers, and one of the best patios on King West.

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It's a Ping Pong Bar. Yes, you drink beer, and play table tennis. A great spot to crank up the fun and kick the night into high gear.

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I'll often dip here for lunch. Great vietnamese-style subs. Lunch rush can be insane though.

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One of the best fast-food burgers in Toronto, especially if you order off the secret menu. They also have ice cream sandwiches, which are always a plus.

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You haven't visited Toronto until you've stayed for weekend brunch! Saving Grace is a favourite of mine, but get there early as long lines aren't uncommon.


Thompson Toronto

550 Wellington St W·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Technically, the rooftop patio is for hotel guests only... technically. It's a bit exclusive, but that adds to the appeal. Pretty good on weekends.

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A good weekend spot for dinner, then transitioning into a night out. As the name suggests, wine is its specialty.