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I'm a young professional working a boring corporate job that allows me to enjoy my true passions, like food and travel (and travelling TO great food!). I've now crossed off the United States (S... scopri di più
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The coolest, hippest little enclave in the city with a multitude of neat shops and restaurants, cafes and bars.

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Hands down my favourite beer in Toronto - they have a great patio on trendy Ossington Ave. - all the beer is fantastic, the food is great and they also have a bottle shop to take something you like... scopri di più

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Trinity Bellwoods is a great spot to hang out on a sunny day - Toronto's unofficial largest patio, people casually have afternoon drinks (Bellwoods Brewery is park-adjacent) and soak up the rays on... scopri di più

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Known for their biscuits!



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$$$· 778 St Clair Ave W·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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The best Indian food I've had outside of India! It's all great, but the Stuffed Paneer is incredible!

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A classic dive bar with good beer and the bartender spins vinyl from their personal collections - a great spot for an intimate drink or a cold beer with a pal (and the food is not bad either!)



Offerta gastronomicaRistoranti
1079 Saint Clair Avenue West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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A great brunch spot with live jazz for Sunday Brunch - great food and a great atmosphere!



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730 Saint Clair Avenue West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Open mic nights, live music, trivia - there's always something going on at Dave's. They also have a terrific craft beer selection.

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Saturday's there's a large Farmer's market at this decomissioned TTC railyard.

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Great Baja-Mexican tacos and burritos!

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Cheap and close, this is a grocery store that lives up to its name....


The Stockyards

ShoppingCentri commerciali
$· 699 Saint Clair Avenue West·Mappa·Ore·

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Consistently rated one of the best smokehouses in Canada.

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A Full service grocery store with everything you could need - now selling beer and wine, and with an LCBO attached.

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The closest subway station.

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Authentic Colombian! If you're REALLY hungry, you can try the Bandeja Paisa, a breakfast plate of eggs, chorizo, pork loin, avocado, rice, beans, CHICHARRON and plantain.