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Cose da fare a Toronto

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Your best bet for dinosaurs, and lots of other great stuff. They always have really interesting special exhibits here.

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Lots of shopping in this hood, and along Bloor Street West. Also, home to Whole Foods (87 Avenue Rd) and many restos/cafes. My favourite pub is the Oxley (121 Yorkville Ave), authentically British.

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Delish place for brunch (or any meal, really).

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Design buffs will appreciate this museum, which is devoted to ceramic art.

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Formally Maple Leaf Gardens, home to our hockey team, it is now the best grocery store in town. A wall of cheese! More cupcakes than you can dream of! Plus an LCBO. You'll love it.

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Our home-grown competition to Whole Foods.

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If you can, take in a concert here. It was recently redesigned and the acoustics of Koerner Hall are fantastic.

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Great place for walkers and runners and easy to get to from the condo — hard copies of maps to the trails will be available for you.

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Great place for light eats and drinks, or upstairs, Terroni proper, a Toronto pizza institution.

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An alternative to the LCBO, our liquor stores, and usually open later, though the selection isn't as good.

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Gourmet burgers and great onion rings.

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Along with a grocery store, liquor store and pharmacy, this is home to the Varsity Cinemas, one of my favourite movie houses in the city.


Queens Park Crescent E

Queens Park Crescent E·Mappa·

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A great place for runners. To and from the condo, plus three laps on Queen's Park Circle equals 5k.

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One of TO's man-made beaches and a quick bike or subway ride from the condo. There's a Loblaws grocery store kitty-corner if you want to enjoy a picnic.