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Cose da fare a Toronto

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If you are here in the time for Toronto International Film Festival - this is the spot to be and watch all the movie screenings! Also, right in front of the building is where the red carpet is, so ... scopri di più

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This is an absolute staple coffee place! You will love the English barista cracking jokes and adding charm to the place as well as the little patio perfect for people watching!

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Very cozy place for drinks and some night fun!

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Great croissants and walnut chocolate cookies!

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The brunch is a MUST TRY! Plus - Thursday nights are simply amazing here! Skips the Friday crowds and still allows for a great time!

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The BEST ice cream in the city! Don't let the long line ups scare you - it's worth it! My favorite is ROCKY ROAD RAGE!

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This place is a M U S T in the hot summer nights as it has an an amazing outdoor pool that overlooks the city line while you're sipping on your cocktails!!

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This 3 story place just opened this year and it's an absolute must visit on King West!

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This is a hidden gem in the city and a romantic spot from which you can see the Toronto city line! It's really a must see.

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Dollarama for immediate needs!