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We are happy to manage a select group of properties for friends in Toronto. As airbnb hosts and guests ourselves, we love the personal experience and new friends we make through airbnb. We look... scopri di più

Cose da fare a Toronto

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Seeing with da fishes

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Try the 360 Restaurant. Surprisingly good food with the best view of the city anywhere. Plus, with reservations your trip up is free.

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One the the most unique neighborhoods in the city. While still retaining some of it's Bohemian roots, cool new bars and restaurants are raising rents and the area is changing. Check it out before... scopri di più

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Large indoor Mall

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Moderately priced trendy, contemporary and eclectic restaurant located a short walk from the condo. Contemporary / eclectic cuisine and features a patio, casual dining, full dinner menu in a casual... scopri di più

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Where to buy Beer, Wine and Spirits. Only open until until 9pm M-F, 6PM Sunday. Right on the corner of King and Spadina.

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This is the larger of Toronto's 2 China towns.

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Currently located on Queen Street West and soon to open directly across the street from the condo!!! Yay!! I absolutely love this place. Fantastic Thai Street style food in a lively and casual at... scopri di più

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Absolutely amazing Italian restaurant. Reservations recommended. See my write up on bar buca and choose between the two. :-)

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The gem of King Street West, Brassaii Restaurant & Lounge has quickly become the destination to see and be seen in Toronto. The bustling, casual/chic environment is complemented by specially create... scopri di più

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Located in the split-level space that was once Roxy Blu nightclub, Peter Tsebelis (Brant House, Brassaii, Maro), has created a high-end steakhouse. Jacobs features Pennsylvania USDA Prime offered i... scopri di più

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Sister location of their larger Peter St. haunt. Great craft brew house and bar. You can see it from the balcony. :-)

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Mmmm, chocolate!

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One of my favourite brunch spots in the city but great at any time of day. (Possibly the most gastronomic brunch I've had). Italian bistro run by one of Toronto's top chef's, Rob Gentile. Classy... scopri di più

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No longer the hippest address in town, the original Queen West is now a retail strip fronting global brands like Zara, H&M and Lululemon.

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Great seafood restaurant and oyster bar. Nice casual atmosphere and great food.

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Weslodge Saloon offers a little bit of everything - brunch, lunch, dinner, prix fixe, dessert and cocktails. Slick decor and a late night kitchen open until 2am. Just look for the iconic yellow do... scopri di più

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Haven't been but this is a very busy club and not far from the condo.

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Hush specializes in American cuisine and features a patio, brunch, open late hours, kids' menu, daily specials, family dining in a casual atmosphere

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Right on the corner of King and Spadina.

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The Spadina Street cars run North to Spadina Subway Station and South to Lakeshore.

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Health food store and organic grocery.