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I'm a friendly, chill, down-to-earth guy who loves to meet new people. I'm also a huge fan of the city I live in and will be happy to share my love for Toronto with you. My day job is with CBC New... scopri di più

Cose da fare a Toronto

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I've got lost in this park on many occasions. It's pretty huge with enough little parts that can give the impression you're actually out in the woods. Kids will love it. There's a petting zoo, play... scopri di più

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Voted #1 food market in the world by National Geographic and rightly so. A word of warning: Do not go there if you don't want to spend money. You'll find anything you're looking for here and then s... scopri di più

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Whether you're looking for vintage clothes, fresh produce and meats, sustainable seafood or would just like to take in the scenery, Kensington is the place to be this side of Yonge St. It's also ri... scopri di più

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We call the south side of the park, closer to Queen St., the Coachella side in the summer time. It's packed with Hipsters, artists and musicians, especially on weekends, often picnicking with barel... scopri di più

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Famous Neopolitan pizza joint right down the street. Great food and wine at affordable prices. Gets pretty packed but will not take reservations. You can leave your phone number and go for a drink ... scopri di più

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Oh the octopus. Amazing food. You should reserve way in advance unless you don't mind eating at the bar, which is, in my view, the best place to eat at Isabel.

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Another fast food joint you should check out if you're on Queen West. Vietnamese style sandwiches (Banh Mis), tacos and you won't want to miss the kimchi fries.

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This place is well known to locals but tourists will have a hard time finding it. It's a hole in the wall at the corner of Dundas and Ossington. What makes it so legendary is the crowd and the staf... scopri di più

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This is a seafood lover's Disney Land. Make sure to sit at the bar. That's where all the action is.

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Great Italian food right downstairs. Very nice patio in the summertime.


Sukho Thai

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$$· 1442 Dundas Street West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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One of the best Thai restaurants in the city. It's usually packed, but you can also order takeout.

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Hidden gem on Dovercourt, a 2-minute walk away. Great food and an awesome patio.

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It's right downstairs and it is a favourite with many people in the neighbourhood. It's a sports bar named after the pitcher whose claim to fame was throwing a no hitter on acid. The guys who own t... scopri di più



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$· 1128 Queen Street West·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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File this under fast but amazing food category. It's not just soups. Their wraps are also delicious and quite big.

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There are bike rental stations across Toronto. It's the best way to get around the city, even on most winter days. Use Google maps to map out your cycling route for the most bike-friendly way of ge... scopri di più

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More great fast food at Queen and Bathurst. How can I describe their baos? Think Asian-inspired tacos in a steamed bun. My favourites are Tofu and Enoki Mushrooms, the Pulled Pork and the Chicken b... scopri di più

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Pricier than No Frills, but closer and open 24-hours

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Great bar with amazing food. All you can eat pig roast on the last Sunday of each month. My 3 favourite things about this place: Beer selection, great atomsphere, the Canadiana outdoor decor.

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Another one for the fast food file. It's mainly a takeout joint, but you can dine in and have a glass of wine with your meal. Great homemade pasta, pizzas to die for and humongous salads.

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Great fast food in Kensington Market. Hawaiian pokes (po-kay). If you haven't tried them, you should. Sashimi grade fish, served in and with a bowl of fresh ingredients. Try the spam musubi while ... scopri di più

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The cheapest grocery store with the biggest selection around. Comes complete with butcher and seafood counter.

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Nearby drug store that is open until midnight.