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To share a bit about me: Miyajima, Japan, Greece and Thailand are my favourite places I've traveled to. I like sci-fi, action & comedy movies. I love music and I am passionate about social justice,... scopri di più

Cose da fare a Toronto

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I love how huge High Park is, you can ride a bike here, go jogging here, have a picnic or do some yoga and fitness. In April there are beautiful japanese sakura cherry blossoms here. There are socc... scopri di più

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Right now there are 2 interesting exhibitions going on about tattoos, and the other on glass blowing by a famous glass blower named Dale Chihuly. At the ROM, you will also find more information on ... scopri di più

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The AGO, as we Torontonians call it. It's architecturally intriguing from the outside, as it was designed by Frank Gehry and was completed in its transformation in 2008. They feature artwork from a... scopri di più

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What was once the tallest freestanding structure in the world, is now 3rd tallest in the world! You can either see it from afar, or walk right up to the base of it. There are some observatory floo... scopri di più

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You can see the eclectric, earthy side of Toronto here with fresh fruit and veggie markets, funky shops, no shortage of clothing, trinkets and incense from India, Africa, Nepal and more. Music reco... scopri di più

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You can enjoy a segueway tour here! This area has great ambience to it, old red brick buildings and stone walkways, it's romantic - wonderful during the Christmas holidays. It has a sake brewery an... scopri di più

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Wonderland is definitely not close-by, but I thought it'd be worth mentioning that we have an amusement park with a recently updated water park, many huge intimidating rides and lots of stuff for c... scopri di più

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416 snack bar is a great place to grab a drink and some fantastic appetizers. My favourite is their spicy tuna handroll... I know, so much Japanese food I'm recommending but it's sooo good! So far ... scopri di più

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Toronto Island is a $7.50 ferry ride away from Toronto. And it's a very short 10-15 minute ride. Toronto Island is a place that has lots of grass to lay, have picnics on, play etc. It also has Cent... scopri di più

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Banh Mi Boys has amazing kimchi french fries, it's like a korean poutine! Innncredible, they dont have small sizes so either share with a friend or get it if you're absolutely starving! Their banh ... scopri di più

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Watch broadway! This is a beautiful venue that ensures good acoustics and angles to see everything happening on stage. Check to see what shows are on now:

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"Let's Go To the Ex"! That's the jingle they use to advertise this. There is a fair every summer from Aug 19th - Sept 5th, lots of games to play and win prizes like stuffed animals, and some rides ... scopri di più

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These guys deliver flavour every time. Multiple locations. Fantastic fresh authentic thai food! It all started from a man who fell in love with a nurse in Thailand who got the opportunity to show h... scopri di più

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This is a hip, grungy type of place with smashed nachos in a chip bag as snacks, bbq'ed wings in the back patio (late afternoon) and turns into a dance floor inside at night. Even on a Sunday night... scopri di più

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Barchef is well known in Toronto amongst alcohol lovers and conoisseurs. They pride themselves on being chefs of cocktails, not of food. They make their own bitters in-house, and have created a mas... scopri di più

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Nathan Phillips Square is directly in front of City Hall and has a great skating rink for the winter, as well as the infamous TORONTO sign that was built for the 2015 Pan American Games which we ha... scopri di più

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"What started as a weekly fix of edgy jokes mixed with high and low performance art soon became a full-time force in the then trendy Yorkville area in Toronto. We quickly grew into an overnight sen... scopri di più

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Union Station is the biggest intersection of trains, subways, streetcars in Toronto going local, express, to specific locations and more. The VIA rail passes through here, the TTC subways and stree... scopri di più

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Best pho I've had in the city! Definitely way better broth base than its contender up the street. I absolutely love their rare beef and tripe pho, with extra bean sprouts, make sure to rip up the t... scopri di più

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Riverdale Park has a fantastic view of downtown Toronto that is photo-worthy. The nighttime view or daytime view are both pretty impressive. There is a jogging/ running track and a baseball diamond... scopri di più

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This is very close to the house, it's a restaurant with an extensive beer menu! My favourite beer is 'Delirium Tremens', it has more alcohol content than most beers so beware! They always have it o... scopri di più

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Leslieville is nice, it's got many boutique restaurants, bars and clothing shops. A very dog-friendly neighbourhood too!

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Cuz their food is just good!! Lamesa is a Philippine cuisine staple in the west end, taking it contemporary with their own twists! Their decor and atmosphere is artistic, creative, and homey! I wen... scopri di più

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I love this place! They have a great selection of vintage clothes, accessories like hats, shoes, sunglasses, jewelry, bags, etc. Even some household items!

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Shoppers' is the go-to place for toiletries you may have forgotten, to basic groceries, make up, magazines, cleaning supplies, even stationary. Some have a small technology section for buying batte... scopri di più



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30 Saint Patrick Street·Mappa·Ore·

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Having parents that grew up in Japan, amplified my taste for Japanese food. Ematei is one of the best in the city, affordable lunch options and great variety in food! Their fried pork over rice cal... scopri di più

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This place has a great atmosphere, wonderful wood-fired pizzas and great wines to match. You can ask for which wines would go best with the pizza you choose. Would be great for a date or with frien... scopri di più

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What could be more Canadian than good old fashioned axe throwing at targets? Hahaha, you can wear a lumber jack's plaid shirt to match the theme. This is definitely something to do with a friend, e... scopri di più

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This spot has really delicious food - and a lovely front patio with just enough sun and shade. Their service can sometimes be a bit slow, but it is worth it, so don't go when you're absolutely star... scopri di più

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This place is very close to the house and is perfect for cheap quick eats, fast food! If you just landed to Toronto and need somewhere quick and easy, there are great options here. Most of the meal... scopri di più