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We are passionate urban Torontonians, and while we enjoy the countryside, camping and small towns, we also believe that big cities like Toronto are really just a collection of neighbourhoods that c... scopri di più
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We are so fortunate to be located a short 15-minute walk away from this amazing park. This 136-year-old greenspace is one of Toronto's largest park at 400 acres and includes extensive hiking trail... scopri di più

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They've just renovated and reopended the entrance on University Ave with its beautiful mosaic ceiling. The 2nd floor has a modest but fun kids area which sucks our family in for hours. But the ot... scopri di più

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I think I seriously underestimated the AGO for a number of years. Only when I recently attended with kids to see a special event of Monet paintings, did I come to appreciate this place a bit more.... scopri di più

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We have a fond spot in our hearts for Kensington Market. It has a lot all wrapped up in it as it spreads across storefronts throughout this neighbourhood that is roughly bounded by College St to t... scopri di più

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The Distillery District is a great area to walk around the brick-paved streets and check out a little bit of history. A great mix of dining, shopping and culture, the old Gooderham Worts Distiller... scopri di più

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We lived on a street bordering this park for a few years and fell in love with the parks' vibrancy and multi-purposes. The area is pretty darn cool too! Start by walking around the park, kick a b... scopri di più

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The Islands are our favourite place to go and chill. We highly recommend to take advantage of the 600 acres of gorgeous parkland right across the harbour from the city of Toronto. We like to take... scopri di più

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Great pub with nightly live music, tasty home-cooked meals, a wide variety of local craft beers and a generous selection of whisky. Our new thing has been to head here on Fridays after work with t... scopri di più

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This place is awesome! They have found the perfect community-business mix to help make this small independent movie theatre not only viable, but a really awesome attraction. They bring back class... scopri di più

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This is a hidden treasure about 5 minutes walk from the house with a lovely small patio and a cozy interior to enjoy their delicious brunch food. Their weekly blackboard menu changes (available on... scopri di più

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This place comes highly recommended for their in-house freshly roasted coffee (try the spitfire dark roast) and baked treats. The crowds of people sitting outside at all times of day speaks for it... scopri di più

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A fantastic brunch spot with plenty of brunchy goodness and tasty lunch options. They even have plenty of options to make different meals vegan or gluten-free, if needed. The smoothies are delici... scopri di più

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This year-round market held every Monday from 3PM - 7PM is a great way to pick up your groceries for the week and grab a bite for dinner from the many purveyors there. Fresh local produce in seaso... scopri di più

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Centre Island is where Centreville amusement park is located. It is ideal for younger kids 2-10 (there's a couple of gentler rides that you can bring the younger babe on as well). They have Twir... scopri di più

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Ah Mabel's... pretty great bakery. Tasty treats (lemon squares and oatmeal chocolate chip cookies are my favourites) and to-order sandwiches are fabulous. They have tasty cakes for that birthday ... scopri di più

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The UP Express has made it a whole lot easier (every 15 minutes) to get between the Toronto Pearson International Airport, our apartment (near the Bloor station stop), and downtown. It's such a co... scopri di più

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The Brick Works is a great place to visit and has so much to offer. Start at the Young Welcome Centre for the day's events, and see the historic brick press. Shopping can be addictive in the Everg... scopri di più

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There are so many ways to enjoy this quaint and lovely tea, scone and jam shop that a lovely young couple started. 1) If you have the time, try to grab one of the two tiny tables for tea and jam se... scopri di più

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Amazing bakery and sandwich shop, with awesome to go snacks (yogurts, hard boiled eggs, cut veggies), home-baked treats, and even all the ingredients for smoked salmon and cream cheese on Montreal-... scopri di più

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Tasty thin, crisp crust pizzas baked in their stone oven and pasta dishes. They are very family-friendly, both with the menu and the little kids area to amuse them. Good for lunch or dinner. OPEN... scopri di più

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On the east side of Toronto Island, take the ferry to the Ward's Island dock to start off in the more residential, quieter and less touristy part of the island. Ward's Island beach is located at t... scopri di più

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Whoa! This is one serious adrenaline rush! It's not the cheapest thing to do ($200+ pp), but it is one of those things to tick off on your bucket list. The young folks who work there do a good j... scopri di più

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This new museum has been garnering quite the attention, with it's smart showcasing of new perspectives of Islamic civilizations. I personally have yet to go, but it is high on my list and friends ... scopri di più


Cattlemen Meat Market

1538 Queen St W·Mappa·Ore·

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Best value and quality of meat in the area! We love the hard working owners who really show what pride they put into their family-owned business. They've taken local to a new level as well as the... scopri di più

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This casual version of it's big sibling, Barque Smokehouse just up the street, has both a bar to sit at and tables. Their wings are, hands down, the best wings I've had... ever. They smoke them in... scopri di più

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Great prices, large selection, and a large parking lot. They have decent produce, although I prefer to get my meat and seafood at the Roncesvalles and Queen St West butchers and fishmongers (bette... scopri di più

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In this small store, it is fairly convenient to walk up the 10 minutes to pick up the food stuffs that you need. Their prices can be certainly a bit higher than the No Frills over on Lansdowne. T... scopri di più

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We checked out this place a few months ago and had a great afternoon. Staff are friendly, we even got to speak with the owner and she happily answered all our questions about the place. The pinba... scopri di più



405 Roncesvalles Avenue·Mappa·Ore·Sito web·

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Fun store with cards, gifts, stationary, and general drool-worthy items.

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North Standard is a family and dog friendly shop that showcases their North Standard brand: a collection of cozy items such as toques, caps, t-shirts, and accessories. They also have items from Le... scopri di più