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It is a bit of a walk but you could also just walk north on Bathurst upto Queen Street and take the street car east bound past Bay and get off. With many selections of stores and floors of shopping... scopri di più

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A 24 hour diner is all you need in life. With it being right around the corner of the building it is a easy go to. Or even if you're not feeling like going out they deliver to the room for an addit... scopri di più

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You can sit either inside, on the patio by the store front, or under the great white canopy/gazebo outside the store with views that are amazing and water pond that imitates a riverside feeling. Th... scopri di più

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With this venue being just east of Portland on King West it is a very short walk from the place. Be prepared to bump into some artists, athletes, and many more at this venue anything is possible. K... scopri di più

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Having this in the lower level of the Thompson Hotel just makes the stay even better. If you don't know what to do and still have the energy to bust some moves then definitely check it out, With gr... scopri di più

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With this park just facing the south side of the building. It is a very nice spot to lean against a tree and read your favourite book. Maybe have a cute dog come by and play with you. With the view... scopri di più

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I recommend Enterprise for renting a car because they don't ask for too much and the requirements are pretty fair. Unlike other rental companies i just find that they have too many requirements. Bu... scopri di più

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A boutique clothing store with up to date fashionable clothing. Trendy apparel from local designers all available at this store. Just at the corner of Portland and Queen and just east. The sign is ... scopri di più