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Cose da fare a Toronto

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Largest Park in the City of Toronto. Has bike trails, small zoo, playground, tennis courts, special events during the summer.

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Museum of art, world culture and natural history. Very kid friendly. Offers group rates.

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An Art museum with over 80,000 works spanning from the 1st century to present day.

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Immerse yourself in a world of 16,000 aquatic animals. A must see if you are visiting Toronto.

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One of the Worlds tallest building in the World. Has observation tower and 360 degree Revolving Restaurant.

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A stadium, Home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Also known to hold some of Toronto's largest events.

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At the heart of Toronto, home of 175 brand name stores, restaurants and entertainment.

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A multi-purpose sporting arena. Home of the Toronto Raptors and Toronto Maple Leafs. Where most concerts are held in Toronto.

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Canada's largest Amusement Park open in the spring to fall months. It offers a 20 acre water park, thrilling rides and Halloween Haunt.

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Very well known Concert Hall.

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Located in the heart of Toronto's entertainment district. A theatre that stages long-running, large scale musicals.

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Also known as The the Canada's largest annual fair that happens for 18 days leading up to and including Labour Day.

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This is the only historical castle in Canada.

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This is the largest zoo in Canada. Come visit our Giant Pandas and their cubs!

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In the summer, take a Ferry for a refreshing escape from downtown. You will find Blue Flag beaches, children's amusement park and a petting Farm.

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Trendy casual dining indoors or on their streetside patio. Serves Italian cuisine. Food is delicious but also has a bar if you just want to go for drinks.

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An ice cream lovers delight. Insane amount of flavours to choose from for ice cream, fresh fruit frozen yogurt, sherbets and toppings. Moderately priced but worth the taste.

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Fantastic for Breakfast or Brunch! It offers a selection of breakfast and lunch classics during weekdays, and brunch on weekends. No reservations needed but arrive early as it gets busy on weekends.

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It has various stores with reasonable prices, including Walmart, Winners, Best buy, No Frills (grocery Store), Beer Store etc... Free parking or public transit drops you off at the front.

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This is a very well know restaurant. Specializes in Italian cuisine. Has dining area. We recommend their wood burning oven pizzas, fried calamari, and mussels.

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Has fast food

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Has delicious gelato ice-cream. We recommend the Hazelnut or espresso gelato.

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Fresh bread made daily. Delicious desserts and parties. A must go!

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Specializes in Portuguese Cuisine. The food is authentic and delicious. Very reasonably priced. Has a large sidewalk patio.

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Has a Cozy and warm atmosphere. Specializes in delicious traditional Italian Cuisine, serves a variety of traditional Italian Pizzas. Reasonably priced. Excellent customer service.

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Where many trade shows are held.

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They offer a variety of foods, including sandwiches, make your own pizza, pasta, and hot wings. This place ideal if you just want a quick bite. Large portions for the what you pay.

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Want a true Italian pizza? This is the place. We recommend their authentic Italian pizza and their famous Calzone. It has a friendly atmosphere specializing in delicious Italian cuisine.

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This grocery Store offers hot food to go as well as groceries.

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Canada's largest Exhibition and Convention Centre. Where you will find most Trade Shows and Conventions.