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Centro commerciale

Plaza De Armas

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Josca Irinova
Josca Irinova
June 18, 2018
Plaza Mayor del Cusco.
December 15, 2018
Best place to find all you wanna do in Cusco.
November 6, 2018
Historical main square with the cathedral built on top of an old Inca palace.
September 7, 2019
historic main square close to museums, restaurants, churches.
September 25, 2016
Centro neurálgico del Cusco

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Sito storico
“Qoricancha is a historic place in the center of the city . we recommend to visit this place because is a old Temple of the Incas . The architecture is very detailed and fine and inside you found Inca precincts used for the Andean ceremonies. the entrance costs 15 soles ( $5) . It is close to the city center and is a very old place near the city”
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Point of Interest
“The Saqsaywaman fortress watches over the valley where the city of Cusco is located. This archaeological center had the function of protecting the capital of the Inca Empire from any external attacker. It is for this reason that the photos that can be taken from its Andean terraces have no comparison! If you visit Cusco you have to go to Saqsaywaman. Saqsaywaman Fortress is only 15 minutes by taxi from the city of Cusco, it can be completely covered in just one hour and 30 minutes.”
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Centro commerciale
“It is a modern center comercial. there are many stores , restaurant ( fast food Mc Donald's, KFC , Popeyes) , cinema . You need take a taxi ( 15 min ) . Real Plaza is in the Cultura avenue .”
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Mercato degli agricoltori
“a traditional market, with more than 100 years of existence, a typical place where you will find vegetables, cold meat, lunch, flowers and traditional clothing ”
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“Inka Team Is the best place to dance Latin rhythms and international music (pop, electronic, reggueton, etc). Normally there is salsa and bachata music from 9 until 11 PM, where there are salsa and bachata classes and then the music is played by a DJ and is more international for foreign tourists. It is a good place to find a good party. Admission is free and there is a place to store coats.”
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Cuzco, Cusco