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Na Dne

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June 29, 2018
In 1881, an Austrian citizen, a hereditary brewer Alfred von Vacano built on the banks of the Volga river a real masterpiece of industrial architecture of the eclectic period, a true decoration of Samara. "Folk" beer was very popular among the residents of Samara. And now the beer brand…
June 22, 2018
This is a local brewery where you can drink fresh beer from the tap
June 18, 2018
Bar “Na Dne” is not only a place to try local beer but also a must-see place in Samara. The beer is brewed right here in the plant next door. There is no great variety but anyway there is light and dark one. Good variety of snacks, and right place to try dry fish from the Volga you can buy it in…
June 11, 2018
local beer. Must have
August 29, 2019
В 6-ти км., недалеко от самого пивоваренного завода, находится фирменный ресторан-бар "На дне", подающий "то самое" недорогое жигулёвское пиво со свежей рыбой и прочими закусками. ВНИМАНИЕ! Место содержит средненький сервис, толпы пьяных людей, очереди и прочие "прелести" . Высоконравственным…

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“In the middle of the corridor leading to the emergency exit, there is an entrance to the main part of the bunker — a vertical trunk-shelter, going into the depths of the earth for another 23 meters. It is an exact copy of the subway tunnel dug vertically. After the 192-th step begins the deepest-the first floor (the account of floors goes from the bottom up), the floor of which is lined with blue tiles. A few blocks from the bunker lived during the evacuation of Stalin's daughter — Svetlana. During the bombing, she hid in this bunker several times. It is possible that the father visited her and was in the bunker.”
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“Samara embankment is a cascade of beautiful terraces. There are fountains, sculptures, river station, cafes, restaurants, streetfood, children's attractions, rollerblades and bikes rental, free sports grounds, free and chargeable sandy beach where you can sunbathe and swim. There is a descent to the beach for less mobile citizens. Has a length of more than 5 kilometers and is divided into four sections. This is the longest embankment in Russia.”
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4 Волжский пр.
г. Самара, Самарская область
Telefono8 (846) 332-64-22
Stato di ore di attivitàChiuso · Apre alle Wednesday 12:00 AM
Carte di credito
Yes (incl. NFC Payments & MasterCard)
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Bar Snacks
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Servizio al tavolo, servizio bar
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