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Cibo e ristoranti a Taipei

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Mercato del pesce
“My favorite modern fish market turned fresh sushi stands and food court restaurants. It’s pricy with high quality and up market customers and visitors. ”
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Ristorante di ravioli
“Famous and delicious Taiwanese food one star on the Michelin Guide in Hong Kong”
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Noodle House
“到了西門町,不來吃阿宗麵線,等於白來西門町了喔,一定要來吃。就算不吃,也要看看這個奇景(大家都站著吃,哈哈)這樣一個小店面,竟然可以有辦法讓人家大排長龍的等待,周圍的商家一定很眼紅吧。 他們家的湯頭有加柴魚,所以味道很鮮美,加上大腸好吃、麵線很細,簡直說的我口水要流下來,你快去嚐嚐看。距離我們很近。 #5 mins walk from Simon's house#”
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“Excellent Bookstore in Taipei. Enjoy some of the newest books. They also have the largest collection of english tittles and in Taipei ”
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“Local breakfast, really good and really long queue. (Soy milk, rice milk, clay oven rolls; sesame pancakes, fried bread stick, egg cake,etc.)”
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Noodle House
“Another one of the popular beef noodle spots in Taipei. The broth is a bit lighter and I think there's also a clear broth? I can't remember. ”
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Ristorante di ravioli
“I love this place ! Its really worthy to try but have to go earlier to avoid traffic . ”
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Ristorante giapponese
“便宜好吃的日本料理店,需排隊 Reasonable price and delicious Japanese cuisine. Famous shop where there's always a long waiting line., but it worth a try.”
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Sito storico
“One of the century-old buildings in Taipei, it is currently the promotion place for Taiwan's cultural and creative products. There are many bars around it, which is very suitable for nightlife.它是台北有百年曆史的建築之一,目前是台灣文化創意產品的推廣場所。它周圍有很多酒吧,非常適合夜生活。 ”
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“Australian style restaurant where you will find relatively more foreigners there, a goof place for friends gathering, single person, and family to visit. It serves nice coffee and cuisine. ”
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“Nice breakfast before 11 am. NTD 99 with toast, egg, ham and a coffee. They also have yummy almond cookies and I like their coffee. ”
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Negozio di dolci
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Negozio di ciambelle