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Le migliori attività a Vienna

Scopri la città secondo i suoi abitanti. Trova le attività migliori, i posti dove mangiare e ottieni consigli inestimabili dalle persone che vivono qui.

“Castle Schönbrunn is one of the important sights in vienna and austria. Its in walking distance, 10mins, from the flat. ”
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“Naschmarkt is a lively place all week and in particular on Saturday. Saturday’s you will not only find the usual stands but also a local farmer market. I love to go there to buy fresh flowers or seasonal fruit and vegetables. But there is more to discover! If you love flea markets, this is the place to be every Saturday morning until early afternoon. And don’t miss the opportunity to sip your sundowner after your flea market experience in one of the very hip places like Neni, Orient & Occident... and more. Basically you can spend your entire Saturday there.”
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“a huge green area and nice park in Vienna. not to mix up with the amusement Park, but right beside it”
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Negozio di calzature
“Viennese people go there for shopping. Its a long street full of shops. Start at Westbahnhof and walk down to Museumsquartier. ”
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Museo d'arte
“A visit to these marble halls, painstakingly decorated with frescoes and gold leaf, is an extraordinary experience. Between the KHM and its mirror the Natural History museum, a statue of Maria Theresia watches over the treasures within,From a vast coin collection and unforgettable pieces of ancient Egyptian and Greek art, to rooms dedicated to great European masters, it's a treasure trove of art history. You'll find Roger van der Weyden's Crucifixion triptych, a Memling altarpiece, and Janvan Eyck's portrait of Cardinal Albergati. The picture gallery takes visitors through 16th- and 17th-century works by German, Dutch, Flemish, and Italian greats. Among them, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Van Dyck, and Dürer.”
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Bus Station
“Panoramic view over Vienna. In season, go visit one of the many Heurigen (places that grow and sell wine and cheese and other produce).”
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“Beautiful museum and galleries surrounded by a wonderful, elegant park. Brunch at the Daniel hotel would be a nice addition if you can get a table.”
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“Located at the very heart of Vienna, you won't be able to miss the Stephansdom (St. Stephens cathedral or "Steffl", as the locals call it). There are nice guided walking tours where you can see the catacombs underneath and take a lift up the rooftop - great!”
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Museo d'arte
“he Albertina not only has the largest and most valuable graphical collections in the world, with works such as Dürer’s “Hare” and Klimt's studies of women. Its latest exhibition collection presents masterpieces of the Modern, spanning Monet to Picasso and Baselitz. As the largest Habsburg residential palace, the Albertina dominates the southern tip of the Imperial Palace on one of the last remaining fortress walls in Vienna.”
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“The Imperial palace contains many museums and it is nice to walk around there. ”
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Opera House
“One of the world's largest and most splendid theaters, the Vienna State Opera House (Wiener Staatsoper) has hosted many of the world's most prominent composers, conductors, soloists, and dancers. Operatic and ballet performances are staged at least 300 times a year, fuelled by an obsession with music that goes as far back as 1625 when the first Viennese Court Opera was performed. The current massive Opera House was built in 1869 and is notable for its French Early Renaissance style, while interior highlights include a grand staircase leading to the first floor, the Schwind Foyer (named after its paintings of famous opera scenes), and the exquisite Tea Room with its valuable tapestries. Capable of accommodating an audience of 2,211 along with 110 musicians, the Opera House is also home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. (English language guided tours are available.)”
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“great museum with / without kids. There is also a Planetarium and some tours”
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“there is much to do at St Stephans. You can book tours into the Catacombs under the church, or a trip up into the clock tower and enjoy the View of Vienna from exactly the centre. Tickets have to be booked in advance”
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“Tiergarten Schönbrunn, or "Vienna Zoo", is a zoo located on the grounds of the famous Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. Founded as an imperial menagerie in 1752, it is the oldest continuously operating zoo in the world.”
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“It is a place where find nature and the old history of Europe, just go there and meditate here😋😍😋”
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Piazza pedonale
“The famous Austrian shopping street from the Opera to St. Stevens Cathedral”
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