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Esplora Varadero

Parchi e natura a Varadero

“Josone Park is a place to relax and have fun with the family, it is a very quiet place, with a lake with birds such as ducks and ostriches. In addition to its beautiful natural environment Josone Park houses several restaurants including El Dante, Italian food, El Retiro, and also a snack bar on the shore of the lake.”
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Nature Preserve
“The Varahicacos ecological reserve is one of the 6 protected nature reserves in Cuba, it offers a 45-minute tour through it called the Way of the Muslims, in reference to the Cave of the Muslims that is inside it, here lovers of nature will feel at home, since it inhabits endemic species of the area such as iguanas, the Tocororo national bird of Cuba, endemic species of land crabs, the road takes a part closer to the sea where they can enjoy incredible views, in addition to that you can access a lake where you can see the red mangrove in danger of extinction. The best way to get there is through the Bustur de Varadero ”
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“Just half block from the apt, it was called 'Parque de las 8000 Taquillas' long time ago, which is translated something like 'Park of the 8000 closets' and was used to stored personal belongings by the beach tourists. Noways is called 'Centro Comercial Hicacos'. Here you can shop for groceries and essentials. Also rum like 'Havana Club'... very close and convenient. ”
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