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Esplora Valladolid

Parchi e natura a Valladolid

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“Magnificent cenote inside the city a tourist place very visited by the beauty of nature nearby there is a restaurant”
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“This is Valladolid's Central Park. Around it you will find the town's main church, the government building, the Centro Artesenal (you can buy directly from the women from the villages selling the goods that they make), + a nice selection of bars and restaurants. The lovely park has a central fountain featuring the "Mestiza" at its center. Old iron benches and the famous "Tu y Yo" (You and Me) chairs where you can sit and look longingly into the eyes of your loved one ;^) are to be enjoyed. Marquesitas, coconut ice cream, roasted corn slathered with mayonnaise are just some of the food stands. Sunday night music and dancing in the park are a generations-old tradition, 7:30-8ish p.m. ”
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Altri grandi spazi all'aperto
“Un lugar mágico para conocer, si te gusta explorar lugares, en Valladolid en encontrarás vestijios de un pueblo Maya que se vió dominado hasta la muerte por los conquistadores, que levantaron sobre sus origenes, una cultura extranjera, expandiédose por el país, desconociendo que la riqueza no solo era material, dejaron oculto nuestro pasado y parte de nuestras tradiciones. Este sitio resguarda las memorias de un tiempo que no imaginamos, las piedras y la naturaleza te hablan por si mismas y piden que sean preservadas. ”
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“This is a typical example of a plaza that the neighborhoods in Valladolid grew up around over the hundreds of years the city has existed. It's nice to venture out to after sundown. Nearby, there are a couple of nice cafés and a place to buy local treats.”
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