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Cibo e ristoranti a Uptown, Chicago

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“Since 1992, Hopleaf has been a both a mecca for craft beer fans and a relaxed convivial neighborhood pub in Andersonville. For over 15 years, Hopleaf has also offered thoughtfully sourced, in-house prepped, chef-inspired dining. ”
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“Bustling neighborhood hangout for daily brunch plus weekday lunch in a hip, funky setting.”
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Ristorante vietnamita
“If your craving a delicious bowl of soup, this is the go-to. (#47 beef pho with beef slices) ”
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“Casual spot with Neapolitan-style thin-crust pizzas served in a rustic space with patio seating.”
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Gay bar
“Great place for dinner and drinks in a low key setting and right across the street. Cash only. ”
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Ristorante etiope
“Casual Ethiopian eatery with shared plates, house-roasted coffee & traditional music on weekends.”
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“A great place to hangout with good food and drinks while watching sports or hanging out on the patio. ”
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Ristorante cinese
“Most famous Asian duck restaurant in all of Chicago area, and "the price is right".(10 car)No frills,just good food. ”
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“Charming, eclectic, independent coffee shop with great wi-fi and outstanding service.”
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“European-style cafe serving house-brand artisanal coffee & morning pastries in a sleek space.”
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“Another local favorite. Similar to Heritage but a little more selection of foods and pastries. Delicious house baked bread!”
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“1 block away from a cup of joe. This Starbucks is located in the first floor of Chicago's own flat iron building.”
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Piccolo bar
“Located right downstairs from Bluebird Inn. A friendly, service driven neighborhood tavern and coffee house with no TVs and an intimate outdoor patio. The Long Room is also the home of the Biscuit Man, a contemporary counter service restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner all day. The Long Room is kid friendly from opening until 5PM. No kids from 5PM to close.”
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“My daily walk for the best coffee in Uptown. Sit and chill with free WiFi at Lawrence House or take it to go.”
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“Their cold press coffee is one of the best. Try a Doughboy while there too!”
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“Locally roasted coffee & pastries in a bright, lofty space that's an offshoot of a bicycle shop.”
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“Another local favorite. Similar to Heritage but a little more selection of foods and pastries. Delicious house baked bread!”
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“Open 24 hours serving breakfast at all hours. Their chicken noodle soup is very good and its homemade. ”
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“The ultimate secret spot. Cash only but so worth it if you want an old fashioned diner experience. Downside is no booze ;)”
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“Long-running chain serving signature donuts, breakfast sandwiches & a variety of coffee drinks.”
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“Espresso drinks, light fare & baked goods offered in a warm, brick-lined space with an arty vibe.”
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“French-trained Vietnamese baker offering buttery baked goods from buns to croissant to baguette!”
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“Best coffee close by. Also very good morning pastries. Closer than starbucks and just 3 minutes walking distance”
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