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Cibo e ristoranti a Twentynine Palms

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“A little bit of a distance but fresh organic food from garden. Cool 50's vibe. ”
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Ristorante caraibico
“A cozy indoor / outdoor oasis serving Californian / Caribbean fare. Although a bit further in 29 Palms, it is well worth the drive. Rezzies recommended on weekends. ”
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“Authentic middle eastern food. Kabobs and fresh squeezed juices. Great family place... gtes really busy around 6pm”
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Locale per grigliate
“If you're vegan or vegetarian, there are tons of places in the High Desert to suit your needs. However, for the carnivore, no place is better than The Rib Co for smoked-all-afternoon-ribs!”
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“Down-to-earth establishment serving hearty Mexican meals, super-sized cocktails & imported beers.”
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“Tip:Not as fancy as most of the other places on the list. This a traditional diner style joint the serves up great piles of cheap/pretty tasty food for breakfast and lunch. The chicken quesadilla is pretty stellar.”
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“We usually take out great pizzas and meatball and sausage side dishes and make our own Pasta. ”
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“Tip: You’ll arrive at a GAS STATION. Yeah, that’s right. The restaurant is inside in the back. Great burgers here. Also, a wonderful selection of Indian dishes. This place is surprising”
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“I really like this spot. It has good food and nice vibe. It shares a neighboring gift shop as part of the spot. Great desert finds here. ”
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“Free WiFi for those who need to stay connected but hold off on eating here and save room for BBQ and homemade meals at your own desert retreat. ”
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“Breakfast, lunch and dinner. Street menu board has super deals that are not on the inside menu! ”
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“If you are looking for a grocery store, this is the closest one, about 5 miles to the east. The Indian Cove Market is at the end of the street on the corner of Indian Cove and Highway 62, but its offerings are limited and typically expensive at convenience store prices. ”
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“Drop in for a sweet treat on your way into the park, or some dank Pho on your way out. ”
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