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Best things to do in L'Aia

Museo d'arte
“Next to the Parliament sits one of the most beautiful museums of the Netherlands, the Mauritshuis. It is pretty small but contains famous paintings from Johannes Vermeer and Rembrandt”
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Museo d'arte
“Arguably the most beautiful museum in The Netherlands after the Rijksmuseum Amsterdam”
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Museo d'arte
“Escher was a mathematician and painter at the same time. The museum is fascinating as it combines art with mathematical figures. The street, Lange Voorhout, where the museum is situated is beautiful too. ”
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Museo d'arte
“This small museum contains an enormous Panorama of Scheveningen, the beach of The Hague around the 1870s. The panorama has a cilinder form and is 120 meters wide and 12 tall. Even for those not very much into art this is an impressive experience ”
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Government Building
“The Hague is one of the most special cities in the Netherlands. The city has many beautiful monuments, historic neighborhoods, is located near the most popular resort of Scheveningen and is a wonderful shopping city. In addition to the many sights, The Hague has a large range of restaurants with many restaurants, cafés and terraces for a nice snack and drink! Cafe Momfer de Mol This unique, cozy café has conquered a nice place in the top 100 of Dutch cafés. It is village-like and cozy, for a wide audience, and you can also have a great bite to eat in addition to drinking. Address: Oude Molstraat 19 Havana Havana is a Cuban-style dance café with tasty cocktails, great food and of course swinging music. Havana also has a good terrace, ideal for the summer days. Address: Buitenhof 19 The Black Rider The city café of The Hague. Many legendary bands from The Hague have started performing on the stage where people now eat and drink. This café is for rock and live music lovers. Address: Grote Markt 27 The Haagsche Kluis Today a cozy cafe in beautiful art deco style, but before the war a well-known securities house. You are therefore drinking in the room that used to be the safe ... safe idea right? Address: Plein 20 The Hague Bluf This beautiful grand café has a beautiful roof terrace where you can sit in the sun. Ideal for a cup of coffee, a drink or a delicious meal. Address: Haagse Bluf 3”
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Science Museum
“Large and very interesting museum for young and old. Lots of interactive things to discover more from our earth (culture and science). And with amazing National Geographic Photo Gallery. ”
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“Uniquely built underneath Societeit de Witte. Different high quality expo's..”
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History Museum
“For history lovers, the Prisoner's Gate museum is a must see. Take a guided tour and he/she will tell you how the Kingdom of the Netherlands essentially started.”
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Locale per la colazione
“Near the Garden Villa is this wonderful museum of modern art, owned by a private collector. Ample walking around the museum with attractive gardens”
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“For all the car lovers. Great collection of classic, modern and special cars Website:‎ Transport: Take the tram 16/17 to the Den Haag centraal station. There on the bus platform take bus 385 / 386”
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History Museum
“Great little local museum covering Schevening sea history, maritime and temporary displays.”
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“This is our fotomuseum. Everynow and then you can behold breath taking work of fotographers from all over the world. ”
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“Een leuk en klein museum met veel geschiedenis van Den Haag A small but very nice museum with the history of The Hague.”
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Beach Bar
“Beach club, lunch and dinner. Dogs allowed. Live jazz music on sundays from 17:00, see their website”
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“Temporary exhibitions from both contemporary as well as established photographers. Also houses GEM, an exhibitions space for contemporary modern art as well as a nice cafe with good vegetarian food”
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“Well kept secret in the City. It a the only 'distilleerderij' left in town. Very cosy and excellent homemade jenever!”
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