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Ristorante caraibico
“One of the best on island. ask for Trevor, Donald or Bong tel them Charlene sent you”
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Ristorante caraibico
“Spend the entire day on the beach, Beautiful snorkeling! Enjoy the Grouper Tacos, Grouper Fajitas and much more! ”
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“Fine italian food, wine and atmosphere. Not to mention, you are in Provo overlooking the canal and marina! What I actually love the most is being able to order take-out pizza at Baci. It is the best pizza on the island, without a doubt. I usually order a Caesar Salad to go with it, and when you pick it up, the salad always has parmesan cheese in a little container, and your pizza has red pepper flakes in a separate container too! Gotta love it.”
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“Casual Sports bar type dining, open for lunch and dinner. Kid friendly. At the Marina in Turtle Cove. $$”
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“Magnolia has one of the best sunset views of the entire island! Their restaurant deck is west-facing, located at the top of the hillside, just down Sunburst Drive from La Vista Azul. You will have passed it on the way to the resort if you came in the back entrance. Magnolia serves French cuisine with a Provo flair, artfully presented and exquisitely prepared. Not really a good place for young children as it is a smaller, quiet venue. Ideal for a romantic meal, dinner with close friends, or simply a quiet dinner where the staff will fully acknowledge your needs. Average entrees would be $30 to $50.”
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“Every Thursday from 5.30-9.30pm at the Bight Park next to the Gansevoort Resort. Local food vendors, entertainers & cultural acts come together to create an evening of "all things TCI". The aroma of fresh fish frying permeates the air. Plates loaded with crab, rice, fish, lobster (only in season), mac'n cheese & local island corn straight off the frill, sit in front of hungry patrons. Bands, dance & cultural acts are intertwined throughout the evening. Folkloric storytelling & instrument demonstrations are showcased by presenter David Bowen (Minister of Culture). A Junkanoo rush brings the crowd to their feet, joining into the dance to the booming sound of the drums.”
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Ristorante caraibico
“Conveniently located to Silver Palm Beach House, and offers amazing native dishes! ”
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Ristorante caraibico
“Mango has a menu that has the ability to cater to every single whim and fancy. When lobster is in season, rest assured that there are several dishes prepared with either grilled or cracked lobster as well as prepared pasta dishes with lobster. The atmosphere is amazing, and the restaurant is HUGE! You are sitting outdoors on the marina waterfront, with just a boardwalk separating you from the water. If the weather is tempting a rainfall, then it is first come first serve to grab an empty table under the massive canopies that protect you from the elements. Pricing varies on the menu, depending on what you order. The more expensive meats are usually $40+, but you can get very good meals with local fish for $30+, or items with chicken or vegetarian for $20+. I actually love their vegetarian curry!! Appetizers are $10+. In high season, grab a reservation for as many nights as you want to go, otherwise, you are usually okay to show up unannounced. You may not get the table you want, but they will not turn you away!”
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