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Best things to do in Taipei

Monumento/meta turistica
“The most prominent historical landmark in Taiwan, and a must-see destination. Standing amid the stunning architecture will take your breath away. The grounds cover more than 240,000 square meters, and includes three main buildings: the Memorial Hall, the National Theater, and the National Concert Hall. The forested parks and ponds are also very beautiful, and are home to various birds, squirrels, fish, and turtles. ”
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History Museum
“The National Palace Museum has over700,000 artifacts in two locations, one in Taipei (where most foreign visitors come, northern branch) and another in Chiayi (less visited southern branch). However only 3,000 artificats can be on display at a time, so the museum rotates artifact displays every two months. This way, you will likely be seeing something different every time you come.”
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Museo d'arte
“If you like, watch art exhibitions, see artworks, and see design exhibitions, then you must come here, quietly appreciate these works and have a pleasant and leisurely time, it is worth it!”
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History Museum
“From Japanese colonial period until today. We can learn the local history and experience real hit spring.”
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“Nice small museum with cool contemporary exhibitions. The building itself is a historical site as well. The tickets are cheap, 50 NT/per person.”
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“Here is a Garden-style monument, you can see many many Classical artificial landscape, Admire the beauty of early architecture.”
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Museo d'arte
“Miniatures Museum of Taiwan #MRT- 29min, 5stops #TAXI- 15min #BUS 5- 52min (2min walking to bus stop), 17stops(all include walking and waiting time. handy app can be download to know when bus come) ”
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Museo d'arte
“Beside the exhibition in the museum, the ceramic garden on the back side is great too.”
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“不錯的博物館 有空餘時間可以逛一下 但如果你只想逛一座博物館, 請去故宮博物院 Good place to visit if you have 1-2 hour spare to spend. Nice and modest museum covering natural history, indigenous people in Taiwan But if you only want to visit ONE muesum, please go to Palace Museum instead ”
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Galleria d'arte
“Artists residency show room : work shops, galleries, flamingo shows, and live jazz events. ”
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“Built in 1915, Japan's Fukui Prefecture Oi-machi old private house wooden buildings, one on behalf of the Japanese-style station building.”
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Convention Center
“Liberty Square its one of the must visit spot in Taipei. you can go there either walk or ubike. Its a good place to walk inside or go for theater. 中正紀念堂(自由廣場)是台北必看景點. 可以走路或是騎Ubike到那你走走話是去聽戲劇”
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“舊名「圓山別莊」是一棟融合英國都鐸風格和十九世紀末新古典主義的洋樓。有「童話奶油屋」的別稱 Built in 1913 by a Dadaocheng tea merchant , the English Tudor-style mansion was originally built as a guest house for friends and important guests.”
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“This outdoor park provides the history of the infrastructure for providing piped water to the city in the form of the machinery used in different periods. Has swimming area for kids.”
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