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Best things to do in Stellenbosch

Botanical Garden
“Wide variety of native & imported plants, including bonsai, plus 4 glasshouses & themed gardens”
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“Newly renovated (Fresh & simple layout) South African art veterans A short stroll past the vineyards Cosy coffe shop”
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Community Center
“A must do activity is to spend a day visiting the many historical buildings and museums in Stellenbosch. There truly is something for everyone in this town! From the V.O.C. Kruithuis, an old gunpowder house where war memorabilia is on display, to the Toy and Miniature Museum, where you can take a trip back to the good old days before computer games and mobile phones. The Village Museum is another must during your stay in Stellenbosch with its four lovely restored historic homes which you can view at your leisure, Schreuderhuis, Blettermanhuis, OM Berghhuis and the beautiful Grosvenor House.”
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Community Center
“Houses both a permanent collation or art as well as hosts some great exhibitions. Also houses a lot of history of the area and of the University.”
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Galleria d'arte
“The official University museum. Always something different, beautiful and thought provoking.”
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History Museum
“Learn about Stellenbosch's history in this beautiful museum on your doorstep. ”
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