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Cibo e ristoranti a Square du Temple - Elie-Wiesel

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Ristorante di sushi
“Nice street with a lot of food shops, cafés and restaurants. It is nice to go there during the day to buy some food or to have a drink or a dinner there. It is considered as a very "Bo-Bo" district.”
  • Consigliato da 89 persone del luogo
Ristorante marocchino
“One of the best Couscous of Paris. Situated in Rue de Bretagne the main street of this real Bo-bo neighborhood. ”
  • Consigliato da 65 persone del luogo
“Light, fresh, interesting menu with a modern take on French classics. Situated on a quiet street with a great terrace.”
  • Consigliato da 9 persone del luogo
Ristorante di sushi
“Good Take Away sushi I would reommend either getting delivered or picking your order up. You actually can't eat there”
  • Consigliato da 6 persone del luogo
“café/restaurant, good wine, good apéritif oysters and wine, for those who like that :-))”
  • Consigliato da 6 persone del luogo
Ristorante francese
“Simple mais bon, un service très agréable Simple but really good and good prices. Owner is really pleasant (French food)”
  • Consigliato da 8 persone del luogo
“Restaurant avec une équipe très sympa, un menu très agréable et des prix assez raisonnables.”
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Ristorante italiano
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“Come here for a light and healthy lunch or a coffee break. The light atmosphere makes it also a nice place to check emails on your computer. ”
  • Consigliato da 61 persone del luogo
“Tiny cozy coffee shop only 14 places, nice coffee made by Australien ballista”
  • Consigliato da 14 persone del luogo
“café/restaurant, good wine, good apéritif oysters and wine, for those who like that :-))”
  • Consigliato da 6 persone del luogo
Sala da tè
“The name speaks for itself : a pretty little cafe in a vintage style with flowers on the ceiling and lovely shabby tiles on the floor in a quiet place not far from the busy rue du Temple. A huge variety of tea, hot chocolate and home made pastries + old vintage porcelaine like at your granny's. Our favorite place for a coffee or tea with friends. Moreover, the prices are reasonable.”
  • Consigliato da 7 persone del luogo
“This micro-bar in the heart of the Temple area stands in stark contrast with the trendy dives that crowd the Marais. Despite the influx of hipsters, the Formica tables haven’t moved, the prices haven’t soared, and the menu hasn’t changed. Food is homemade dishes like marinated chicken skewers, tender rump steak with pepper sauce, or grilled lamb chops: good, simple and plentiful, it only costs around €10 for lunch or dinner...”
  • Consigliato da 4 persone del luogo


“the most delicious french pastry of Paris. My favorite one You can taste all their pastries in "bite" pieces. A true treat.And the réal french refinement.”
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