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Autonoleggio e autofficine a Redding

“A must see. Trails all around, gift shop, little children’s museum with animals and a playground. Trails to the turtle bay, an arboretum (beautiful garden) and wal through trails all around the river. ”
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“Such a beautiful vibrant church. Go early there can be limited seating especially Sunday morning and Sunday Night.”
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Ristorante americano
“The view is magnificent from the back deck, and the food is great too! Sip a cool beer on the deck and enjoy conversation 😁”
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“Exhibits with various themes that change regularly. There is something for everyone, young and old, including an interactive museum, the Sundial Bridge, beautiful gardens, a nursery and an array of animals! The park also has a coffee bar offering light snacks.”
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Ristorante americano
“They have some great local organic - farm to table food and a very creative drink menu.”
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“As world-renowned architecture, the Sundial Bridge over the Sacramento River attracts guests from far and wide. People may walk or use wheelchairs, razors, segues or bikes to cross. One day per year (the summer solstice) the gnomon accurately registers the time from 11 am to 3 pm. The bridge leads to a refreshing botanical garden featuring a fountain and sculptures highlighting local flora, fauna and water issues. The unique children’s garden has whimsical metallic and mosaic sculptures. You will discover a lot of fun trails, a pond and lovely plants, shrubs and trees. After you cross the bridge, you can follow the Sacramento River Trail to the west to reach the turtle pond. The trails in this area highlight local flora, fauna, Wintu culture and Shasta Dam history. This is MY favorite go-to place in Redding. Insider tip: my grandchildren and their friends always and especially like it because it’s a great place for Pokemon GO. Enjoying the bridge is free as well as the gardens (although a garden donation is appreciated).”
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“SUPER good food! Their "Buddah Bowls" are amazing. They also have falafel and hot dogs.”
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“The Cascade has an impressive calendar of plays, musicians, old movies and specialty acts. We saw Chris Botti here and sat 2 aisles from the stage - what an incredible show!”
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“Now called Evergreen, it's newly opened and has excellent coffee and cold brew”
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Centro commerciale
“If you really need to do some serious grocery shopping or just any shopping in general, the town of Redding is 30 minutes away and it has it all. ”
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“Their coffee is delicious, avocado toast is great! (As well as their other menu items. ) A popular Bethel hangout”
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Fast food
“The iconic in-&-out! The burger of California, one of my all time favorite burgers around. Fair warning, there is so much hype and talk about in-&-out and because of this many peoples expectations are so high! Is it the best burger ever? Probably not (some hard core fans would so disagree haha). Is it affordable, flavorful, and blows most every other fast food burger through the roof? Absolutely. ”
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“This cafe is conveniently located less than a 1/4 mile down the road. Great breakfast and lunch cafe! ”
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Ristorante americano
“If you are looking for breakfast, look no further then Deja Vu. Located in one of Redding's oldest buildings, the restaurant look itself isn't very exciting but the food is fantastic. Their eggs Benedict is the best I've ever had. (I get he BAS Benedict, Bacon Avocado Spinach) I always say I'm going to try new breakfast places in town and just end up coming back here for the eggs benny because it's so good.”
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“Great drinks and friendly bartenders - just the kind of place you want to hang with the locals.”
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“We call this the dollar theater. They have older movie showings for just a few bucks! ”
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