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Autonoleggio e autofficine a Providence

College Arts Building
“Museum of Art, Rhode Island School of Design is an art museum in Providence affiliated with the Rhode Island School of Design, in the U.S. state of Rhode Island. The museum was founded in 1877 and is the 20th largest art museum in the United States”
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“The Roger Williams Park Zoo contains more than 150 animals from around the world in natural settings. It was founded in 1872 and is one of the oldest zoos in the nation.”
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Nuovo ristorante americano
“A more rustic breakfast spot walking distance away. One of the few places you can have a beer with breakfast. They have really good vegan and Gluten choices. In general their options for breakfast are a bunch of very creative recipes that look beautiful. You will see a line but, it's worth the wait. Rain sleet and snow people like to go wait for these really yummy menu options.”
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Centro commerciale
“Where you can get your iPhone/Mac fix. Somewhat upscale stores, with an innovative design by architect Friedrich St. Florian, who also designed the WW2 Memorial on the National Mall in DC. ”
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Ristorante vegetariano/vegano
“All-in-one vegetarian hub serving seasonal dishes, with a juice bar, vegan bakery & cocktail bar.”
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“best known for higher end gourmet organic, local. Great wine list.Always great!”
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“Fedhill or One the Hill is what we like to call it. You can spend your entire day walking, shopping, sight seeing and eating great Italian food. Most nights in the Summer, there are live bands that perform for free in the heart of the hill. ”
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“Brown University - beautiful historic campus RISD Museum East Side of Providence - shopping - eateries - coffee Prospect Park- Amazing photo op”
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Luogo per spettacoli artistici
“The dates are listed on their website, lots of local vendors and they usually put on a good show. Great for kids!”
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Point of Interest
“ The building was a Loew's State Movie Palace and opened in 1928. PPAC contains over 3000 seats and hosts touring Broadway shows, concerts, plays and film”
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“This is one of the best bakeries in Providence. It's located walking distance and you can work inside, it has plenty of spread out seating. ”
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“A smaller park, but an easy way to experience the outdoors near the water close by.”
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“Delicious breads, pastries and coffee/tea. About half mile up Hope St. You can order a loaf of bread and have it sliced if you like. Seating outside in nice weather. Papers Prov. Journal, Boston Globe & NYTimes – are behind counter–ya gotta ask for them. Also have a store on Broadway on the West Side.”
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Ristorante sudamericano
“Don't let the neighborhood fool you. This is my favorite restaurant to go to in Providence . All you have to do is search the name in Google and you will see the high reviews and beautiful pictures of food. My favorite dishes here is the Lobster Paella , Chevichi and Steak with Fried Egg and Rice, Yummy”
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“Great bar, amazing handcrafted martinis. Good, just dim enough vibe to make you feel naughty. A+”
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“Delightful, atmospheric 60's mod themed bar with good bar food and an outdoor garden eating space.”
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