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Le migliori attività a Portsmouth

Scopri la città secondo i suoi abitanti. Trova le attività migliori, i posti dove mangiare e ottieni consigli inestimabili dalle persone che vivono qui.

Arena musicale
“The Grand Dame of the Portsmouth arts scene. Top notch international music, dance, theater and live cast Opera from the Met. Also features the best cinema and programs such as NHPR's Writer's on a New England Stage. A truly great place for a show. ”
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“Venture down to Kittery and order a variety of dishes — you will regret nothing. I’ve never had a bad bite of food here. MY FAVORITE. ”
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“One of the most remarkable summer venues on the east coast. Why? Its a park on the water. Its top quality acts are seen by voluntary donation. Its big enough to feature superb and eclectic artists and small enough to feel like you really saw them. There are also films and a musical that runs the season. Get there early and lay down a blanket to reserve your spot or "rent a spot"- the website explains how. ”
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“Home of the wonderful Prescott Park Arts, shows, and a large green lawn for your chair or blanket.”
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“super coffee (way better than starbucks), yummy sandwiches and baked goods, Kittery Foreside”
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“healthy, or not, your choice! best baked items, salads and sandwiches around. not a lot of seating inside, nice outdoor tables”
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“Outdoor neighborhood museum showing the history of the area through historic home and period interpreters. Great place to get a real sense if the area.”
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“Historic Portsmouth- the way it use to be..... also now has pond skating in the winter!”
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Water Park
“ Good option on a hot summer day if you have a car. Not too far and lots of choices for getting soaked and wet!”
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Ristorante di pesce
“Great seafood restaurant on the marsh, across from the beach. Rooftop bar. ”
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Point of Interest
“If you like theater, SRT is likely to have something you'll enjoy. A unique performance space just across the bridge!”
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Ristorante di tapas
“Chef Matt Louis, who trained with Thomas Keller at the French Laundry, is a community favorite. At Moxy (his first of three restaurants, see: The Franklin and soon to open, Luigi's) he serves up small plates (tapas) with an America twist. Not only do his dishes feature local ingredients, he pushes the boundaries by including ingredients like green crab, an invasive species on the coast of Maine. This is a place to share food. Reservation recommended. ”
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History Museum
“She didn’t carry weapons, her only purpose was to carry out experiments, and she was perhaps once the fastest underwater vessel on the globe (35 knots/ 40 mph). The design is gorgeous - appreciate the engineering for a 50’s build. ”
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Ristorante asiatico
“Like Korean food? This is the place to go in Kittery. Fresh, local ingredients. Kim chi galore. Open for lunch and dinner.”
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“The original location of this quirky chain. Breakfast all day. Plus lunch and dinner too. Weekend? You will wait. Go a few doors up to La Maison Navarre and get yourself a latte, maybe a macaron for later. Settle in and wait for a really big breakfast. ”
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Cocktail bar
“This place requires its own category. Perhaps, file under "Top Notch Craft Cocktails"? Yet there is only one Dram. This is a cozy, limited seating establishment that escapes notice, like a secret portal to another universe. Everything, besides what comes in a bottle, is handmade; the bitters, the garnishes, the mixers. The menu takes time to absorb...take your time...find your libation. Don't embarrass yourself by ordering "white wine" or a "beer"...I scoff when I hear that. This is a cocktail emporium. Have a cocktail or leave a seat open for someone who is serious. Limited bar menu and snacks. If you're on the wait list at Black Birch, they'll text you...its just across the parking lot. Its actually a fabulous one- two punch of an evening.”
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