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“Relaxed restaurant & bar serving steaks & seafood in a compact, old-school setting. **Best place to have meat in town. If you are a group, the tasting menu is a must have. Be aware of reservations.”
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“Not exactly a brewery. It's a pub. It's got a great collection of spirits, and they have the local beer Bierbrier. English and English-inspired food and a great atmosphere - basically I try not to go here very often because I never want it to become 'the corner bar' or too pedestrian, when it's really within 300 m of home. On football or other championship days, they'll open the screens for people to watch the games, but they decidedly are NOT a sports bar where the screens are tuned 24/7 to something that distracts you from your friends and the people around you.”
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“Raw & cooked meats & seafood for sharing, plus boutique wines, in urban digs with a canopied patio. Address: 1708 Notre-Dame St W, Montreal, QC H3J 1M3”
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“Joe Beef's baby brother. Killer local food listed on countless top 10 lists. A little pricey but super worth it. Reservations required.”
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Ristorante italiano
“Italian restaurant in Griffitown offering a fabulous dining & architectural experience.”
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Locale per grigliate
“Everything is great on the menu but don't forget to get the smoked corn on the side (you can thank me later). ”
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“Their margarita pizza is sooooo good! One of the best italian restaurant in Montreal.”
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Nuovo ristorante americano
“Gros Luxe adapts to each neighborhood up to modify the menus according to the preferences of the clientele.”
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“This is a sweet little coffee place with a nice brunch. A neighbourhood fave.”
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“Great coffee! They also make surfboards! And great beer! Super cool concept :) ”
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Noleggio biciclette/bike-sharing
“if you need to rent a bike for a beautiful trip all along the canal Lachine”
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“If you want a quick and cheap coffee. It has a nice outdoor terrace in back.”
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“Nini is a great restaurant in Griffintown, with plenty of small appetizers and meatballs that are great to share. Definitely save room for dessert as their homemade ice-cream sandwiches are amazing.”
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“This is a bar on a boat with the friendliest owners and the most affordable drinks. Perfect to unwind or bring a date”
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“This is a great spot for weekend brunch. Very unique menu in a great room and you can even shop for market goods while you wait for your food.”
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“Great coffee shop and bakery right down the street. The deserts are fantastic. Perfect for a morning coffee and croissant. ”
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Negozio di dolci
“Amazing desserts and pastries. Fresh food ! They have a summer terrace that is lovely on Notre-Dame”
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“Pastries, breads, sandwiches & salads are offered at this comfortable bakery with outdoor seating. My favorite place to get fresh croissant sandwich for a very descent price. Cuite place to chill with couch and sofa , London internet coffee style!”
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“This is a great, cheap grocery store. They even price match competitor flyers. They also have a gas station that is among the cheapest on the island.”
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Negozio gourmet
“3165 Lasalle boul. L’épicerie Vova est une boulangerie et pâtisserie russe où l’on cuit «du vrai pain russe».”
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“Maman has been featured on O Magazine! Try the Oprah cookie! It will melt your heart! Best coffee in town!”
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“Don’t miss our local Bagel Shop. Fresh bagel around the block! breakfast or smoked salmon sandwich available to eat on site.”
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