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Autonoleggio e autofficine a Phuket

Centro commerciale
“Shopping mall with department stores, supermarket, shops, restaurants. Free fountain show.”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Must see place. Try coconut icecream, look at monkeys (6pm), climb to 45m statue of Buddha, listen for monks prayers, get lucky strap on the wrist, pray for luck and health. Wonderful pictures and views.”
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Punto di osservazione panoramico
“Promthep Cape is one of the island's most photographed and perhaps best-known locations. Every evening, large tour buses, scooters and private cars sweep through Rawai Beach and up the island's southernmost hill in order to watch the sunset at its peak. On the top of the hill stands a busy car park where vehicles disgorge crowds of people from every corner of the world. Cameras flash, fingers point and lovers cuddle as Phuket's most fabulous free show is re-enacted nightly – the sunset. ”
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“Most crowded and noisy. But it has its own charm, especially in the night. If you know what I mean ;)”
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Intrattenimento generale
“ If you're looking for some crazy fun experiences, then look no further....go to Soi Bangla (Walking Street). This street has it all: Bars, Pubs, Lounges, Night Clubs, Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Shopping and a whole lot more!”
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Buddhist Temple
“Wats - or Buddhist temples - are among the most important symbols of Thailand, partly because the majority of Thais are Buddhist and partly because they are so beautiful. In Phuket alone, there are 29 Buddhist temples spread around the island. Wat Chalong has been extending a warm welcome to visitors for over a century. Locals come to pray and Westerners come to learn something about Buddhism. The temple is open from seven in the morning to five in the afternoon. What to See at Wat Chalong Poh Than Jao Wat is one of the more important Buddhist statues in Wat Chalong. It is located in the westerly old hall of the temple, with two statues of an elderly gentleman called Ta Khee-lek (grandpa Khee-lek), a famous local who won many lotteries after consulting the Poh Than Jao Wat statue. Another statue in this hall is called Nonsi. One of the temple's halls features a gilt-covered statue of Luang Poh Cham and this busy hall also contains statues of Luang Poh Chuang and Luang Poh Gleum, all ex-abbots of the temple. ”
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Women's Store
“Rainy day? Why don't you entertain yourself at the biggest shopping center in Phuket!?”
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Farmers Market
“Good place to buy fresh food and street food. The Fresh market is open day time and the night market starts about 18:00.”
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Intrattenimento generale
“Intimate theater offering an extravagant cabaret show with dancers in sparkly attire and headdresses.”
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Theme Park
“This is the must-see experience in Phuket - a dining experience followed by an amazing show. Must Do.”
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“Beautiful, clean, cozy, popular and large Nai Harn beach with magnificent waves, clean sand and nice local cafes.”
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“Most family orientated beach of Phuket. Lots of activities and restaurants.”
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“This place located just stick to the beach,great food, calm atmosphere, one of the labels of Rawai beach restaurants”
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Beach Bar
“Phuket’s finest beach club. Relaxing atmosphere and delicios food. Worlds best DJ’s often playing here in the night time.”
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“Surin beach, the popular public beach which you can go around 20-30 min. by walk and 10 min. by motorbike. it's not a busy resort town and is more like a coastal village. Fine white sand and turquoise water has ensured that the picturesque beach is very popular with tourists and Thais alike. The whole area is awash with high-end hotels and housing which, in turn, has created opportunities for high-end restaurants and wine bars. ”
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“A small but quaint beach only a 5 minute drive away from your villa. Kayak rental is available there, you can also buy refreshments there and dine in the lovely breeze coming in from the sea. ”
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