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Le migliori attività a Parigi

Scopri la città secondo i suoi abitanti. Trova le attività migliori, i posti dove mangiare e ottieni consigli inestimabili dalle persone che vivono qui.

Museo d'arte
“1, I prefer Bus 72, 30 minutes in total from Degas Stop to Pont des Arts Stop. 2, Louvre Palace, world’s largest and most visited art museum, started out as a medieval fortress, before becoming a gallery for artists to study antiquities and the works of Old Masters in the 1700s. Fast forward 230 years and you have a museum that you’d need weeks to fully appreciate. There are antiquities from scores of world cultures and a collection of Renaissance and Baroque art that puts every other museum in the world to shame. If you are pressed for time, see the crème de la crème like the 2,200-year-old Winged Victory of Samothrace, Liberty Leading the People (Delacroix), the Portrait of François I (Jean Clouet), the enigmatic Gabrielle d’Estrées and one of her sisters (Unknown) and of course the Mona Lisa (Leonardo da Vinci). ”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“Visiting the iconic symbol of Paris usually ranks as the number one thing to do for most tourists. Towering more than 1,000 feet (300 meters) high in the Champ de Mars park, this iron structure was constructed for the 1889 World Exposition. One of the world’s most photographed tourist attractions, the Eiffel Tower presents an excellent photography opportunity for both day and night times. Visitors can ride the elevator to see incredible views of the city or dine in one of the two fine restaurants that are situated within the tower. RER line C "Champs de Mars-Tour Eiffel" Metro : line 6 "Bir-Hakeim".”
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“La famosa basilica del Sacre Coeur è un bellissimo luogo dove vedere tutta Parigi dall'alto, in un atmosfera festiva. Per saperne di più: ”
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“Le plus beaux et agréable parc de Paris. Accès avec le bus 60 au pied de l'appartement. Best park in Paris. You can go taking bus 60 just next to the flat. El mejor parque de París, pueden aceder tomando el bus 60 justo al lado del apartamento. Il parco più bello di Parigi, potete andare prendendo il bus 60 giusto sotto la casa.”
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“Perfect for a walk on a sunny day or just to relax and people watch on one of its many chairs. In the fountain in the middle, you can see little kids playing with toy boats. The garden also includes tennis courts, kids playgrounds, chess boards and a restaurant.”
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Souvenir Shop
“Don't wait in the long line, on front of the building on the left ist the entrance of cafe George, ask to go to the cafe take the lift up and down and you're inside without waiting ;) you can then buy your tickets in the hall”
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“Certainly the most beautiful urban cemetery on hearth, full of celebrities (map available at the main entrance) ”
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“mythique, unique, accessible en bus et en metro (direct) depis l'appartement. ”
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“Quartiere molto grazioso e storico, dove agli inizi del 1900 i più grandi artisti si son riuniti e dove le avanguardie son nate. Luogo pieno di ristoranti e bar. ”
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“Tuileries Garden is located between the CONCORDE square and the LOUVRE Museum. It is very nice to have a walk there while visiting Paris. You can have a chair and enjoy sun during spring or summer time”
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“Take your picnic to this beautiful park, hang out in the grass or on benches, and visit the home of Victor Hugo afterwards!”
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Monumento/meta turistica
“One of the most famous place of Paris alongise the Eiffel Tower. Magnificient place. ”
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“perché è uno dei quartieri più belli di parigi. su paris pratique o sull'officiel du spectacle ci sono i numeri di guide turistiche che fanno dei percorsi nei quartieri mostrando luoghi insoliti e di difficile accesso. ve li consiglio molto.”
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“Not very far is La Villette, when there are concert, shows a park... You could walk there: and especially in July the open air theatre : ”
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Comedy Club
“After living in Paris for a few years and (wrongfully) thinking that the Moulin Rouge was not worth the price - I completely changed my mind. Really impressive show, amazing talent and choreography. It's so worth it!!”
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Museo d'arte
“A former train station, the building itself is beautiful, the collections a must!”
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