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Best things to do in Odense

“Our local writer H. C. Andersen lived in this house, which is situated in the older area of Odense. Very charming to go for a walk there and see the charming cobble-stoned streets.”
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“It takes about 20 minutes by bus to reach Odense Zoo. Admission costs about DKK 200 for an adult and DKK 100 for a child (DKK 170 for students)”
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Centro commerciale
“Huge shoppingcenter. You can get everything over there. From clothes to good food and electronic etc. There is also a big cinema inside the shopping center. ”
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Festa del cibo di strada
“Awesome fingerfood place! You can get fingerfood on every stand for 50kr. It is also a very cozy place. ”
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“The place to be during the summer! Take a your on the river on a guided boat or rent your own boat! The guided boat is a hop on-hop off, so it can take you to Odense Zoo or near Skovsøen (recommended) in the middle of beautiful forrest setting. ”
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Galleria d'arte
“Brandts Museum of Art and Visual Culture is located in the heart of odense.”
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“Lovely green area next to the centre, inspired by some of H. C. Andersens stories.”
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Cinema indipendente
“A special and very cozy cinema, it is definitely worth to go there and watch a movie! ”
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History Museum
“A hop skip and jump away from Nyborg on the train and you are almost to this historic house. The little streets and homes will make you wonder how the Danes got so tall lol.”
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Galleria d'arte
“The building is a old clothes fabric turned into an art gallery. There are small shops and cafés close by too.”
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“Odenses swimmingpool, it is for free ant it has a sauna. I go here for winter bathing. I can strongly recommend this place. In winter there are not too many people and winter bathing is an exceptional experience. Here are the opening hours: Monday (28/01) 06:00 - 09:30 Tuesday (29/01) 16:00 - 20:30 Wednesday (30/01) 06:00 - 09:30 Thursday (31/01) 16:00 - 20:30 Friday (01/02) 06:00 - 09:30 Saturday (02/02) 08:00 - 10:30 Sunday (03/02) 08:00 - 10:30”
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“Dur både til fredagsbar og arbejds-komsammen, hyggelig stemning, lækre øl og uhøjtidelig stemning”
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“Here you can eat the best burger in town :) It's not cheap but the price/quality is quite fair.”
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Centro commerciale
“Centrally located center with everything from perfumes and make up, Danish design furniture and home articles, to clothes for women, men and children from famous brands.”
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“This café has a very special atmosphere. The decor is very humorous and somehow reminds you of your grandmother's living room. The place offers, among other things, a sausage museum. In addition to the fun decor, good drinks are served from beer, drink and coffee. Definitely worth a visit!”
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“ Beautiful old village that depicts the lives back in the days. Worth a visit if you would like a lovely look into both Odense's history and danish culture in general. ”
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