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Art and culture tour (Stati Uniti)
I segreti della stazione Grand Central Terminal
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Did you know you there is a hidden tennis court inside Grand Central Terminal? And that it used to be an indoor ski slope? Join me on this walking tour and experience the many other hidden gems and secrets hiding inside Grand Central Terminal! Close to a million people visit this iconic NYC landmark every day, yet very few know of the places you will discover on this tour. We will explore and point out parts of Grand Central unknown to most while learning about its history, preservation efforts and discuss plans for its future. You will also discover a discreetly tucked away prohibition era bar, once the private apartment of a NYC business tycoon, where many of our guests like to grab a drink after the tour...
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Tour sullo street food (Stati Uniti)
Cucina latina nel cuore del Queens
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**Please read the “Where we’ll be” section for Covid-19 related requirements** Come and explore the World's Borough! Fun Fact: 138 different languages are spoken in the borough of Queens, with a population of around 2.4 million residents. To begin this foodie heaven tour, we will meet in Manhattan and cross over to Queens together on the train. Once you get off the train, you will immediately feel the vibes and pulse of this predominantly immigrant community. From there, we will walk down 74th street, where I take you around the neighborhood. Walking along 37th Ave, we will stop at different spots along the way and I will share with you the history of this community (I call them John's fun facts). Did you ever wonder what makes this community so unique? What's the history behind its story? How has the community changed over the years? Who lives there today? We will walk at a leisurely pace and take it all in. Feel free to ask questions. We will then We will immerse ourselves in cultures from around Latin America through their food, including: -Colombia -Mexico -Uruguay -Ecuador Come hungry! We promise you will leave full. These places are not big restaurants or have big flashy lights the way they are in Manhattan. These are local places; owned by members of this community. The places we will visit are owned by women entrepreneurs and first/second generation immigrants. Other things to note The NYC Subway system on the weekends are unpredictable. Please allow extra travel time and visit: http://mta.info for the train status. **Important note!** Please advise of any allergies upon booking. Currently, we can NOT accommodate Vegan diets at this time. We are working on it! :)
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Tour sulla fotografia (Stati Uniti)
Tour e servizio fotografico a New York
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I’lol tell you and show you the most tourist places in New York. I’ll adapt to your every desire. I’ll tell you and show you less expensive and less tourist places that will inspire and surprise you Other things to note Equipment included
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Servizio fotografico (Stati Uniti)
Posa per una fotografa di VIP
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This is the original Airbnb Photo Experience! This experience is located in a neighborhood with historic architecture and iconic street art! You'll learn a few unknown facts from a native New Yorker and get some amazing photos of you and your family or friends that are different than the cliche New York tourist photos! All images shown are my photos of Airbnb experiences, not stock images. Location: SoHo (extra fee for different location) **All photoshoots are private and not a group experience. **The listed price is per person. **You will receive your photos the SAME DAY! **No outfit changes for 1hr shoots **No instruments, no props, no costumes. ***Please be on time! Too many don't show up or are extremely late. I will wait no longer than 15 minutes after which you forfeit​ your session. Please plan accordingly to arrive on time. ** If it rains, we schedule for a later time that day or another day. Airbnb offers refunds only for dangerous weather
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Tour a piedi (Stati Uniti)
Tour del punk rock dei Ramones a New York City
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Explore punk rock history from Midtown Manhattan to the Bowery. You'll get to see where members of The Ramones lived, fought, worked, and played. We'll also visit two street intersections made famous by The Ramones. Finally, we'll see living proof of the lasting legacy of a band that represented the true grit that was New York City in the late 1970s and 80s. Other things to note We'll use the subway to get from midtown to downtown. Subway fare will be your responsibility.
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Tour di storia (Stati Uniti)
Tour por Midtown
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Nuestro camino comienza frente a la Biblioteca Nacional, sobre la 5ta Avenida, donde hablaremos del Club de los 400. Los 400 millonarios, conformaron la primera aristocracia neoyorquina y, a través de su inversión, crearon la mayoría de monumentales edificios que veremos en nuestro paseo por Midtown. Continuaremos por el Parque Bryant, donde se realizó la primer Exposición Internacional en 1853, para presentarse inventos tecnológicos e industriales. Hoy, el parque es un hervidero de actividad, tanto en verano como en invierno. Al dejar atrás el parque, empieza la aventura al atravesar pasadizos poco conocidos debajo de los rascacielos, hasta llegar a la famosa Time Square. Iremos reconociendo edificios de arquitectura Art Deco, a través del juego de identificar logos o productos de grandes empresas en los elementos decorativos de los edificios. En el corazón de Time Square descubrirán la magia y el orígenes de la industria del cine estadounidense, sí en Nueva York a principio del siglo XX. En el tramo final de nuestro recorrido, brillarán todas las miradas al pasar por los escaparates del Distrito Diamante. A continuación, bordearemos los 19 edificios que componen el Complejo Rockefeller, hasta llegar a la plaza más conocida por su pista de patinaje. Finalizaremos el recorrido en el célebre Radio City Music Hall.
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