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Best things to do in Monaco

“Ideal place to go for a jogging tour or rent a bike for a tour through the English garden. ”
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Centro commerciale
“Shopping & much more. This is the main pedestrian square in the city center. 10 minute walk from the apt. ”
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Moving Target
“1972- Olympic Games in Munich, interesting architecture, nice park, city pool inside, a tower to enter for a great view to the alps when sunshine”
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“Il castello dove é nata la Principessa Sissi . Con il suo meraviglioso e molto vasto parco che in primavera esplode di tulipani di ogni tipo e colore. Assolutamente da vedere e soprattutto a meno di un km dalla vs suite. Da raggiungere ovviamente a piedi in pochi minuti”
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Point of Interest
“the Biggest Beer Fetival in the World. From 21.09.-06.10.2019! Just a short train ride away! ”
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Museo d'arte
“Great Museum of Contemporary Art, Sculpture, Painting and Design. On Sundays it's only 1 €!”
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Point of Interest
“If you want the full Munich experience there is no way around having a beer and Weisswurst at Viktualienmarkt and checking out the other delicious local and international specialities on the market.”
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Bavarian Restaurant
“I guess a must when in Munich :) get a 1L beer (Mass) and have some pork highlights like Haxe!”
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Surf Spot
“Meeting point of Munich surfers practicing on the the amazing Eisbach streams.”
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Concessionario auto
“You can get in FREE, see all the new cars, get inside of them, etc. And often there are indoor motorcycle shows!”
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Science Museum
“If you need to spend a rainy day during your Holiday or just have a big Interest for technology, this is one of the biggest and most interesting tech museums I have ever been to.”
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Science Museum
“The Deutsches Museum (German Museum) is one of the oldest and largest science and technology museums in the world. There are 17,000 artifacts taking visitors from early developments like the first automobile to the laboratory bench where the atom was first split.”
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“A very big green area for a family day out or group sight seeing. Great variety of animals and atmosphere for a very affordable price.”
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Museo d'arte
“Fantastic aged paintings and sculptures - Rembrandt, Dürer etc. Sundays only 1€”
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“One of the most popular "Biergarten" in Munich, directly in the English Garden. ”
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“Allianz Arena is the soccer stadium in Munich, it is the first stadium in the world with a full colour changing exterior.”
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