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Cibo e ristoranti a Morro da Babilonia

I ristoranti migliori

“Cervantes is often called a Copacabana "institution", which happens to be a very accurate description. Older male waiters wearing white coats and black bow ties serve large sandwiches to hungry, often intoxicated diners, from noon until 3-5am every day of the week.”
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“This is the classic Brazilian “Rodizio”. The quality of the meat is fantastic, and it is a “all you can eat” type of restaurant. The view of the bay is very beautiful.”
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Ristorante mediorientale
““Rustic Middle Eastern restaurant serves regional specialties like falafel, kibbeh & lamb. ” ”
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“Amazing restaurant with live music being played, very nice atmosphere and the staff are very welcoming. The food is really good, buffet style salad bar and vegetables. All you can eat meat, be prepared to eat non stop as it just keeps coming. Highly recommend a visit here, very Brazilian with lovely local food. Book in advance, very busy and can be done online. Superb!”
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“The oldest Italian Restaurant by the beach. Great for late night pizzas and beer.”
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“You'll feel like you are in a small seaside town, perhaps somewhere in Europe. Check the classic houses, walk along the sea wall, go up Sugar Loaf and check the stunning views of Praia Vermelha (Red Beach) and the Claudio Coutinho path. Then eat and drink at Bar Urca, looking at the ocean, and be merry. You can easily walk there from our Botafogo place.”
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Ristorante giapponese
“Arguably one of top 3 japanese restaurants in Rio. Low-profile looking and most amazing food. 15 mins walk or 5 mins taxi. 1.2km $$$”
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Ristorante di pesce
“Famous "all you can eat" with the best-selected meat and seafood! About 80 USD per person”
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“Amazing, locally sourced coffee, great breakfast and lunch items, and a happy, friendly staff make this café a must in Copacabana.”
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“Here you can buy all types of bread, including (biscoito de povilho) and have breakfast. All in one place.”
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“Neighbours in Baixo Botafogo, or BotaSoHo, a cluster of hip bars where the 20-somethings hang out. ”
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“One of my favourite restaurants in Leme. Charming little place focused on vegetarian & organic food. Not being a vegetarian myself, I still really enjoy their dishes, especially the daily specials and breakfast (only in the weekend). Often live music and cosy atmosphere. ”
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“Contemporary Italian cuisine with an international flair & high-end wines in an elegant setting”
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“A poucos minutos a pé o famoso Starbucks com seus cafés deliciosos e ótimos lanches. Praia de Botafogo, 228”
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Locale di snack
“Um dos melhores lugares para comer pão de queijo no Rio. It is worth trying two typical Brazilian things in this place: cheese bread and natural guaraná (pão de queijo e guaraná natural).”
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“Great café inside the Botafogo Praia Shopping. It has an amazing Salmon Sandwich, great pastries, wifi and a nice vibe (I don´t drink coffee, but my friends love the cooffee there).”
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Negozio di gastronomia
“Chegue com tempo, pois é muito concorrido, mas vale a pena. Arrive early because it is very crowded, but worth it.”
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“Here you can buy all types of bread, including (biscoito de povilho) and have breakfast. All in one place.”
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Negozio di dolci
“Good place for a snack anytime of the day. Open 24 hours a day. Try the "coxinha com requeijão"”
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“The best bakery in the bakery, very fresh breads, sandwich, coffes... OPEN 24 HOURS/DAY EVERY DAY!”
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“This is a tradicional bakery in leme, visited by the locals who love to discuss a great Brazilian temper early morning soccer scores and politics. Great price! I recommend the ACAI BOW, misto quente and cafe com leite. Also the fresh pressed juices and vitamine is a must try!”
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“Great buffet breakfast, by weight. Beautiful view of Botafogo Bay and the Christ.”
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“This is a wonderful bakery shop. I recommend the home made brown bread and the Brazilian pastry: "sonho". ”
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“Excellent bakery in Copacabana. Do not forget to taste their bread .... really delicious . For a good breakfast it is a great option.”
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