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Toll Booth
“Crandon Beach is one of Miami's greatest park treasures. A beautiful, sprawling campus of beaches and amenities, Crandon Park is more than a beach. At Crandon Park Beach on Key Biscayne, there's a Family Amusement Center, a Nature Center and even a place to rent cabanas. The beach remains the main attraction at the luscious and family-friendly Crandon Park. Gear up for a friendly game of beach volleyball or unpack your picnic and bring some supplies for the on-site grills. There's almost always a birthday party or event taking place somewhere at this site. At the south end of Crandon Park Beach, there are cabanas for rent. Cabanas have showers and are available on a first-come, first-served.”
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Light Rail Station
“Large shopping center with many familiar stores, plus eateries & sit-down restaurants. ”
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“Miami Seaquarium is Florida's best aquarium and favorite visitor attraction. See world-class sea life exhibits with manatees, sea turtles, penguins, rays and more! Located on Key Biscayne. About 20 min from The Grand”
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Light Rail Station
“Brickell station is a Metrorail rapid transit station in Miami, serving the system's Green and Orange Lines. One of the core stations of Miami's public transport network, it serves the financial district of Brickell. about a 10 min walk from the house”
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Light Rail Station
“This is friendly, easy and free and only one block from building. It takes you all over Downtown Miami - Above ground metro mover”
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Light Rail Station
“Bayside Marketplace is two-story open air shopping center located in the Downtown Miami area. The banks of Biscayne Bay wrap around the property with the City of Miami marina at its side.”
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“Miami International ranks as the 12th busiest airport in the United States in terms of passenger traffic, and is also the busiest airport in the State of Florida. The airport also handled more international cargo than any other airport in the United States.”
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Transit Station
“Miami is considered the Cruise City of the World. The best cruise ships travel the ocean from this Port.”
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Light Rail Station
“Metrorail Financial District Station is across the street. It will take you to Brickell City Center, Downtown, Arsh Center, Bayside and other places. Take a look”
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Bus Station
“Please check schedule, trains do not run all night.”
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Bus Station
“National and International Physicians and students come often for continuing medical training.”
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Rental Car Location
“I can highly recommend them to anyone looking for a rental car." "The best prices ever!"”
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Light Rail Station
“Free Though locals might think of it more as a crowded, elevated, rolling soup kitchen, taking the entire loop from Brickell up to the Arsht Center and back is a great way to see the city from above. And should the cay mysteriously stop for no reason as it does once in a while, you can cross “walking the Mover tracks” off your Miami bucket list.”
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Bicycle Store
“Best place to rent a bike in Miami. Usually around $25 person person for 24 hours. Great service and quality bikes. Perfect location to start your ride. Very short drive from our house.”
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Light Rail Station
“You have the FREE Metromover Stations next to the apartment the stop is Tenth Street.”
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