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Cibo e ristoranti a Mamaia

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“very kind people , it is always a dj that mixes music even in the morning , great cofee , great drinks , and it is on the beach .prices indeed from medium to high .”
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Ristorante mediterraneo
“It's the hottest place in Mamaia. Located on the beach, Loft it's the perfect place to enjoy a "Blackout Brunch", but be sure to book a table, 5 pm it's always full. People usually forget about everything, having champagne in the afternoon, chilling in the sun and tasting some of their fine quisine. "Lofting" has become a trend and it's worth every penny. They also have a event planner in case someone wants to go the extra mile and get married on the beach :)) One afternoon last year someone spent 10.000 euros on champagne and caviar. It was insane! ”
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“A place to party like no other. Whether you start and end the night here or just come for the sunrise party this place is unmatched. The best music to dance 'till sunrise and beyond!”
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Ristorante di pesce
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Ristorante di pesce
“- Another fish restaurant, which is quite close to the location (still second option after Cherhanaua Tasaul). - Especially on weekends: make sure to book a table in advance. ”
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Romanian Restaurant
“The Greek cuisine is very good and light, perfect for the summer heat. One of their main dish is chicken Gyros with the traditional sous called tzatziki made of yogurt and spices. ”
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Ristorante italiano


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