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“Unbelievably great pizza. (Scott grew up in NY and swears this is about the best ever). It is in North Beach near the church where Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio. Pro tip- login to Yelp and get on the waitlist before you arrive.”
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Locale per la colazione
“Got to start lining up at 7:30 otherwise you will have to wait 90 minutes. Is it worth it? Depends on how hungry you get while waiting in line for 90 minutes. At that point you talk yourself into thinking its worth it otherwise you will feel like a fool.”
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“My favorite wine bar! Located in the heart of the city, great vibes and awesome selection of wines. Good place for groups or couples although could be a bit crowded on certain nights. ”
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“The best Prime Rib in SF! This is my husband's favorite spot. Need reservations in advance to avoid the wait.”
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Nuovo ristorante americano
“A classic for brunch or dinner - and no need to wait! Park Tavern accepts reservations in advance and also does pretty well at accepting walk-ins as well. A little bit pricier, but worth it for the tasty food and lack of wait.”
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Ristorante di taco
“Part taqueria, part fancy-ish sports bar - the ultimate identity crisis venue. Get those fried fish tacos!! If you opt for chips and salsa, ask them to put the salsa on the side so you don't end up with messy slop in five mins! ”
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Ristorante vegetariano/vegano
“Looking for vegetarian? It's just a block away inside Fort Mason. Great for lunch with beautiful view! ”
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Tiki Bar
“A San Francisco classic! Always a fun time. Yummy tropical drinks, Hawaiian inspired pupus, live music and rainstorms every half hour at the only bar in the city with an indoor pool. ”
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“Restaurant bar to go to when you are visiting Fisherman's Wharf or Ghiradelli Square. It is famous for it's Irish Coffee. ”
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“Great coffee - a little on the expensive side though If you’re into mochas order one here. I do the almond macadamia milk mocha.”
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“Smoked salmon with creme fraiche and lemon on top of whole wheat crostini - Light, comforting, and delicious”
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“My favorite coffee place. This place started 50 years ago, and is still run by the same family.”
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Negozio di formaggio
“A bit spendy, but great for picking up high-end picnic supplies like gourmet cheese and specialty charcuterie, fresh bread and sweets. ”
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Ristorante italiano
“Iconic bar and restaurant in North Beach where the great bar and drinks are matched by the menu (which you can order at the bar!). And when you are done, you can walk around North Beach and explore one of the most interesting neighborhoods in the city.”
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“A point of interest on it's own, ride the cable car to the wharf and see San Francisco while hanging off the side of a cable run trolley. It's truly a San Francisco must. Note that the lines pile up at the turn around here, but you can get on and off anywhere, so just walk up the street and jump on, make sure to have cash to pay the ticket though, it should be around $5 or so per ride per person.”
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“The best coffee / pour-overs in the neighborhood. Excellent fresh pastries and avocado toast.”
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“The HYPE is real folks. This very famous place for Egg Tarts is the bomb, but beware the line can be very long. Go here around 6PM and shouldn't be too long. ”
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“This is the place to buy focaccia. Get there in the morning before noon they will probably run out. Freshly baked on the premises. ”
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“If you come to SF you have to eat Sourdough bread. In the heart of Tourist area is a factory/restaurant/store. Don't miss this on your tour!”
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“Little old ladies from SF making fortune cookies. Chocolate fortune cookies and adult fortunes too. If you take a picture, you will have to pay for that privilege.”
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“Sacre Pantina. My best friend calls it : a cloud of sugar in heaven. He is right! They invented this dessert and it shines ”
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“This is my favorite old school Italian Bakery in North Beach. Try the cannoli, biscotti, or seasonal panettone. ”
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“A piece of San Francisco history and yummy bread all in one! The restaurant is a crowd pleaser, with soups, salads and sandwiches and lots of San Francisco sourdough bread. Be sure to go upstairs to see the museum and watch the bakers making the bread from start to finish. Combined with Musée Mécanique, this is our favorite thing about Fisherman's Wharf.”
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