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Cibo e ristoranti a Labuan Federal Territory

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Ristorante di pesce
“Anjung ketam was the first 'floating' seafood restaurant in Labuan. operated by the locals and the food are tasty and reasonably priced. The place opens 4.30pm onwards till around 10pm.”
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Ristorante di pesce
“I love going here for dinner with group as the location is strategic and the ocean breeze is nice. the seafood choice and taste are also ok (but i still prefer Fisherman Wharf) However, based on my experience few months back, the service was a bit slow and waiter/waitress were not so friendly (but helpful tough).”
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Ristorante asiatico
“Experience true local breakfast scene at this cafe Make sure to order their signature "Roti Kahwin" w/ choice of toasted or plain white bread”
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