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Le migliori attività a Fribourg

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“Really well done and modern museum portraying the life and work of Charlie Chaplin in his family estate. There's a beautiful view of the lake and Vevey is a town also worth exploring.”
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“Maison Cailler is amazing for discovering the history and art of making chocolate. You are amazed by the fantastic, interactive exhibition and you come out of the muséum full of yummy chocolate! Love it!!!”
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“One of the most famous castle, where lots of movies were made with exceptional view and different museum shows. Gruyère offers excellent restaurants (les Remparts) ”
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“Located by the lake, Alimentarium is the first museum in the world devoted exclusively to nutrition. A wonderful and educational vegetable garden also belongs to the museum. If you have children, check out their junior academy where kids (and parents) can learn and food and nutrition in a highly engaging and interactive environment.”
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“Westside is a shopping mall that is perfect for families. There is an indoor playground in which the children can play while you do shopping. There is also a movie theatre and wellness center. Bern Aqua is the name of the wellness center, it includes waterslides and more.”
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Ski Area
“Einer der besten Aussichtsberge, von wo man einen tollen Überblick über das Gruyere hat. Das Schöne: man kann hinauf und hinab wandern oder atemberaubend mit der Bergbahnen fahren. (Wanderdauer einfach: ca. 3 Std.) One of the best vantage points, from where you have a great view of the Gruyere. And the big thing is: you can hike up and down or take a breathtaking ride by cable cars. hiking time (single): about 3 hours.”
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“You can see thousand kinds of butterflies. A nice activity to do with childrens. ”
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“Besides ski slopes and paragliding, these indoor outdoor baths, plus various saunas are some of the region's biggest draw.”
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“A walk through the beautiful promenade of the well-known town of Gstaad is a must”
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Natural Feature
“Le lac de Neuchâtel est le plus grand des lacs purement suisses. Magnifiques plages et restaurants les pieds dans l'eau. Vue sur les alpes! C'est un endroit magique.”
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“Covering 800 hectares, Lavaux is the largest contiguous vineyard region in Switzerland, and its daringly constructed hillside terraces have been protected by UNESCO since 2007. This is a fantastic place for hiking offering a staggering view on the Geneva Lake and the mountains. You have also the possibility to taste wines in the many wine cellars and traditional pubs of the area.”
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Museo d'arte
“Immerse yourself in the world of Fantastic Art. In 1980, HR Giger, a Swiss artist, won the Oscar for Best Visual Effects for his participation in the film Alien.”
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“Lavaux Vinorama is top for the discovery of the wines and terraced vineyards of Lavaux”
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Tech Startup
“Nestlé has just opened its stunning, architecturally intriguing discovery centre for children and adults spanning more than 3000 square meters at the exact location where Henri Nestlé first developed his infant cereal in 1866. The museum is well worth the visit, and also consider exploring the café (no entrance fee required).”
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Natural Feature
“very nice lake with lots of possibilities to do things. Walking, swimming or other water sports”
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“Good food, in front of the restaurant we have a wonderful bar “the Deck”. There you will find, the most beautiful landscape of Lavaux. ( UNESCO)”
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