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Cibo e ristoranti a Fort Greene, Brooklyn

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Ristorante di tapas
“Mediterranean eatery serving creative tapas, brunch & sangria in a bohemian, plant-filled space.”
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Ristorante cubano
“Cuban restaurant, only opens in Spring/summer, great outdoor terrasse. Food is cooked in a truck on the outdoor terrasse! Also a local hangout spot that service alcool”
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Ristorante italiano
“Great (but not so cheep) New American. If I had one night for a great dinner in the neighborhood this would be it.”
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Nuovo ristorante americano
“Cozy American bistro with a hidden Japanese joint in the back (unmarked door beyond the bathroom)!”
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“Fort Greene & Clinton Hill’s iconic neighborhood gastropub for local brews, bites & cocktails. They usually have happy hour 3PM-7PM daily and bottomless brunch! ”
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Ristorante italiano
“Great italian hand-made pasta and a back garden. Near the beautiful fort-green park. ”
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Ristorante di sushi
“most incredible sushi worth the price if you sit and watch sushi chef and let them pick the meal for you ”
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Ristorante americano
“Simple dinner & brunch menu of re-conceived American classics in hipster-friendly surroundings.”
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“Great coffee shop in the neighborhood. Not much in the way of seating but nice to pickup a coffee and cinnamon bun before heading to the farmers market in Fort Greene Park.”
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Ristorante tedesco
“German bar and restaurant. Go for a typical Bratwurst, german sausage with a beer, great for latge groups”
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“Medium size, good for breakfast and lunch and working (free wifi when you buy something)”
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“Others in the neighborhood are die-hard Smooch fans. In addition to coffee, they have treats, simple food and space to work.”
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Fast food
“Great venue for live music, drinks and networking. Also checkout the Bam Cinema for some of the best selection of independent and international films. ”
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“Petite late-night Afro-chic eatery located in the middle of the always happening Fulton Avenue nightlife area featuring homestyle Caribbean meals & cocktails in a laid-back atmosphere. This venue was also famous in the early 90s as the gathering place for actors, poets, musicians, visual artists, filmmakers and served as the center for spoken word poetry and alternative music. Artists including Mos Def, Erykah Badu, Saul Williams, Carl Hancock Rux, Nelson George, Chris Rock, Jeffrey Wright, Spike Lee, Rosie Perez and others frequented Brooklyn Moon long before their careers went global. The vibe is still trendy and the cocktails and food are still delicious. ”
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“Coffee and healthy eats. Small but next to a new outdoor public space with nice tables and umbrellas.”
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“Starbucks just arrived in our hood. So if you must have your specialty coffee....”
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“Doesn't look like much, but the bagels are amazing - best for takeout since the ambiance is lacking.”
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“Good breakfast foods, like most neighborhood bagel shops, but the best part is that they have Dough Donuts!! ”
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Negozio di dolci
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“Great clean place to have a NYC bagel. They have over 20 different kinds of cream cheese and 8 different kinds of bagels. ”
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“this picture is awful!! they serve the best Jamaican food in the neighborhood.”
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“Luz brings a fresh new flavor and a congenial style of service to a neighborhood that’s lapping it up. ”
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