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Cibo e ristoranti a Dauphin Island

I ristoranti migliori

Ristorante americano
“Pirates now has pizza delivery from their pizza oven. Located in the smaller round building beside the pool.”
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“Fanciest place on the island, which means there are tablecloths. Good seafood. Get there early on weekend nights in season.”
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Ristorante messicano
“Tacos! Food-truck style Mexican food. Ride your bike down and eat on the picnic tables.”
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“It's not fancy. But that's its charm. Get oyster po-boys and eat on the dock, on Aloe Bay. There's a funky bar upstairs that's very local. ”
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“Local seafood restaurant at the of the Dauphin Island Bridge. View of the marina and bay.”
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“While they have very odd hours if you can hit up Dority's when open you won't be disappointed - especially if they have live music! Great back yard with a huge stage, fire pits and tons of seating. Solid bar service and a chalk-board menu that changes daily! Check out their Facebook for hours. ”
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“Ice cream! Best on island. It's Cammie's Old Dutch, an artisan brand made in Mobile, Ala., since the 1940s. ”
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Nave o traghetto
“Take the ferry from Fort Morgan to Dauphin Island for another fun experience.”
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“If you don't feel like cooking - Teresa and her staff did. Pick up ready to heat dishes that are delicious.”
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“Best sandwiches on island. Their cinnamon rolls are TO DIE FOR but go early. They run out by noon. Also, Sunday breakfast is best on island.”
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