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“Really good rustic-artisanal pizza especially for those who like thin crust pizza. All made on artisanal oven with fresh ingredients. Curiously, this place also have one of the best Mexican tacos in the city. This is definitely a nice stop on your way back home after a day on the beach. Good drinks, not super pricey, and friendly staff!”
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“A little walk from calle Loiza you can find this cozy, local business that makes really good Mexican food. They also have good tacos and burritos, especially the fresh seafood ones. Great spot for ceviche lovers! Service can be a little slow on busy days, so I'd recommend it for a day you're not in a rush - it's really worth it though!”
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“Hidden gem for locals. Seafood mofongos, Grouper in creamy lemon sauce and malanga puree, thin crust pizzeta caprese made with grilled pesto sauce, best fried octopus in town, all ingredients are fresh, mamposteao risotto, taco filling toston ceviche, blue cheese crispy onion manchego sliders, and the best drinks! A cozy shack with a special charm, relaxed beach atmosphere!”
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Ristorante vegetariano/vegano
“Best vegetarian/vegan in town. Open only for lunch, make sure to go in early as it's a favorite among locals & gets really crowded. Say hello from us, Sol & Gianluca, to owner & chef, Joseph & wife Nicole. There is also Olga, Joseph grandma who is always around giving a helping hand.”
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“Wonderful artisan tap beer bar. Over 40 local beers on tap not available in supermarkets. Great bar food also.”
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“This is "the bakery" of the island - the presidents dine here whenever they visit the island. Definitely worth a visit!”
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“Great coffee and breakfast. We’re fans of ridiculously cheap and delicious ‘cheese melt sandwich’”
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“Classic bakery, a local favorite and a must if you're staying in Ocean Park. ”
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